Built for Recruiters,
By Recruiters

Nurturebox ATS isn't for just any hiring team. It's designed for recruiters who are tired of:

• Wasting time on unqualified applicants
• Struggling to connect and engage with candidates
• Jumping between different tools and platforms
• Making hiring decisions without data-driven insights
• Failing to maintain long-term relationships with candidates
Overview of NurtureBox platform that helps staffing agency recruiters

Who are we? 

Your All-in-One Recruitment Platform: Automate, Collaborate, and Hire Smarter

• Nurturebox ATS is a cloud-based recruitment platform designed by recruiters to streamline your entire hiring process.

• From attracting top talent to managing applications and onboarding new hires, Nurturebox ATS provides everything you need in one place.

From Siloed Candidate Data to Smart Talent Management,
Get the Ultimate Recruitment Experience
Reducing Time-to-Hire
Free Up Your Time

Automate resume screening, scheduling, and emails to focus on building relationships.

AI-Powered Matching

Find the right skills fast with lightning-speed resume analysis and skill highlighting.

Real-time Recommendations

Get instant data-driven recommendations to fill jobs faster with smarter hiring strategies.

Omnichannel Outreach

Craft personalized outreach sequences across multiple channels to engage candidates effectively.

Effortless Sorting

Easily filter and sort candidates based on your needs, identifying top talent in seconds.

Auto-Rejection Made Easy

Save time by automatically rejecting unqualified applicants.

Improving Hiring Experience

AI Matchmaker: Get only the most relevant applications with AI ranking, leading to higher quality hires.

Predict Success: Go beyond matching with Nemo's machine learning, predicting a candidate's long-term fit within your company.

Seamless LinkedIn Integration: Start conversations effortlessly on LinkedIn, whether it's through email or the usual InMails. Also, add candidates directly to sequences and assign stages from LinkedIn using our extension.

Candidate at a Glance: Access detailed profiles with comprehensive information and engagement history for informed decisions.

The Ultimate Candidate Journey: Create a personalized hiring experience that attracts and engages top talent.

Effortless Scheduling: Configure interview rounds with ease, ensuring a smooth process for both parties.

Clear Communication: Maintain consistent communication with candidates and recruiters throughout the hiring process.

Build Long-Term Relationships: Save candidate details for future opportunities and build a strong talent pool.

Elevate Candidate Experience


Craft a hiring journey
that feels personal,
not automated.

Transparency & Communication

Keep candidates informed throughout the process with timelines and interview updates.

Seamless Application Process

Make applying for jobs quick and easy with our user-friendly job application pages.


Send automated reminders about upcoming application deadlines, interview schedules

Quick & Convenient Interview Setups

Offer flexible scheduling options and platforms to accommodate schedules and preferences.