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World's leading staffing firms use NurtureBox to close top candidates for their clients. NurtureBox helps you run and scale your staffing business without adding more recruiters.

Place your next hire in days (not months).

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Overview of NurtureBox platform that helps staffing agency recruiters

Trusted by recruitment firms across 100+ countries

3000+ recruiters & headhunters use NurtureBox to deliver results for clients and candidates consistently!

Pipelining and building long-term relationships with candidates has always been the key to our success; NurtureBox lets us do both easier and faster!

Sanjay Raval

Founder & CEO, BeingUser

I'm really happy to see a platform which can be super-personalised to do an outreach and then the number of quality responses coming back. Its a platform which makes hiring simple.

Ketav Sharma

Co-Founder, DWAO

Hiring great talent is not just how you grow, but exist. NurtureBox has just the right ingredients to solve the recruitment conundrum for growth companies.

Bhavani Raman

Co-Founder & COO, Element5

From sourcing to reaching out to dream candidates, the workflow consumes more energy than the act of hiring itself. NurtureBox meets recruiters where they are to help automate mundane tasks & run TA like a data driven business

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co-Founder & CMO, PipeCandy

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Recruiting has radically changed.  
The best candidates already have jobs, they don’t appear on job boards.

Competition for top talent is fiercer than ever. Today agency recruiters have to double down on new methods like outbound (sourcing & cold outreach) and nurturing relationships to close the crème de la crème.

Talent engagement automation platform for helping agency recruiters engage and build relationships with top talent

AI powered recruitment software for staffing agencies that take into account the newest hiring methods

Source faster, build better relationships, and hire more quality candidates. Our recruitment automation platform let’s agency recruiters proactively reach out and engage with the top talent.

Before NurtureBox

Broken experience before using NurtureBox

Reaching out to candidates shouldn't require a dozen processes and tools.

After NurtureBox

Elevated experience after switching to NurtureBox

Nurturebox unifies data across ATS, LinkedIn, Email, and more so recruiters can move faster and collaborate better.


Scale your agency without adding more recruiters

NurtureBox is built to easily fit into your recruiter's current technology stack. It ties their tools together, automates candidate engagement without sacrificing personalization, and gives them analytics on what’s working.

Recruitment agencies can make more placements now using NurtureBox's AI powered recruitment platform

Make more placements

We unify your tools and processes. NurtureBox works on top of your recruiter's stack without disrupting their existing workflows empowering them to operate in 10x mode

Agency recruiters can leverage NurtureBox to automatically engage with top passive candidates

Work more efficiently

Turn your recruiters into Superhumans. We automate the grunt work that your recruiters get buried in. They can finally spend time building relationships with candidates instead of sourcing and searching for top candidates.

NurtureBox works with the ATS tools agency recruiters already use to grow their talent pool

Grow your talent pool

We help you build a current, comprehensive talent pool. Don’t lose sight of your past candidates. Reach out to existing connections and make faster closures for your clients.

Getting the best talent is key to maintaining competitive advantage today. Nurturebox makes your recruiters 10 productive.

Help your recruiters move faster, be more responsive, and feel less stressed. Empower them with a “salesy” toolchain — an outbound recruiting platform they really deserve.

A salesy toolchain for recruiters to create interest in passive candidates to apply
NurtureBox works right on top of LinkedIn providing a seamless experience for staffing agencies

Find great talent in days, not months

We’re reinventing what it means to source, engage, and hire top talent. Our AI-powered talent engagement platform automates sourcing and outreach, giving your recruiters the bandwidth to focus on the human side of recruiting. Built by recruiters for recruiters.

Find & engage with the best talent across the internet in just a few clicks

Double your hires with half the effort. Make recruitment more efficient. Get set up instantly, and start seeing results within hours.

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