Main Takeaways

Boolean Search Course Overview:

This free video course, divided into 4 easy-to-follow modules, will teach you how to craft powerful Boolean search strings to find top talent efficiently.

Module 1:
4:05 min

Boolean - An Introduction to the Search Beast

  • Understanding Boolean Search Basics
  • Mastering Boolean Operators (AND, OR and NOT)
  • Building Powerful Search Strings‍
  • Simplifying the Search Process
  • Testing Keywords, Refining Searches and Bonus Tips
Module 2:
1:31 min

Using ChatGPT to Building Your Strings

  • Understanding the Role of AI in Boolean Search String Creation
  • Automating String Creation Process using ChatGPT
  • Customizing Strings for Specific Requirements
Module 3:
2:48 min

Boolean Search In Action: Google for Candidate Discovery

  •  Introduction to Google Boolean Search
  • Crafting Effective Search Queries
  • Targeting Niche Skills and Locations
  • Optimization and Best Practices for Efficient
  • Candidate Discovery
Module 4:
2:54 min

Boolean Search in Action: LinkedIn for Candidate Discovery

  • Introduction to Linkedin Boolean Search
  • Advanced Search Techniques
  • Grouping Keywords for Complex Searches
  • Maximizing Typo-tolerance and Fuzzy Matching
  • Real-world Examples of Effective LinkedIn Searches and Optimization

What you will learn after the course?

Our free course equips you with advanced search techniques to find the perfect candidates faster.

Building Powerful Search Strings

Learn how to combine keywords and operators (AND, OR, NOT) to create targeted search queries.

ChatGPT for Recruiters

See how ChatGPT, a powerful AI tool, can help you streamline the Boolean string creation process.

Platform-Specific Strategies

Learn how to leverage Boolean search effectively on Google and LinkedIn, the two most popular platforms for talent acquisition.

Advanced Techniques

Take your search game to the next level with advanced features like proximity search, wildcards, and fuzzy matching to unearth hidden gems in the talent pool.

Exclusion Tactics

Learn how to exclude irrelevant results and focus your search on the most promising candidates.

See what recruiters say about this course

This course completely changed my recruitment process! I used to spend hours sifting through resumes, but now with Boolean Search, I can find the perfect candidate for leadership roles quickly and efficiently.
Chithrakannan Balasubramanian
Founder, Wisibl
I love how this course explains Boolean Search and ChatGPT together. It's like having a cheat code for building powerful search strings. My searches are so much more effective now!
Guhhan Boovaragan
HR Manager, Element5
I never realized Google could be such a powerful tool for recruiting. This course showed me and my team how to use Boolean Search to find the perfect marketing and creative talents. Highly recommend!
Ram Esakky
GM Product & Marketing, Waggle
Thanks to Nurturebox University, I said bye to my generic LinkedIn searches! This course is a game-changer for recruiters. I learned so many cool tricks like proximity operators and fuzzy matching.
Harris Rasika
HR Recruiter, Element 5

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