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Best chrome extensions recruiters must try in 2022

January 20, 2022

If we ask recruiters about how long does it take to finally finish the hiring process and onboard a candidate– the answer will vary. 

Can you tell, why?

It’s because there are multiple tools out there for recruiters that they don’t know about. If they happen to use an efficient tool in every (maybe) step — onboarding can be done easily!

A quick look into how chrome extensions benefit recruiters—

-Do more in less time

Recruiters are busy professionals.

Apart from searching for prospects, they’re often busy meeting with hiring managers or conducting interviews. 

Using effective tools would mean utilizing the maximizing productivity. 

-Organize daily agenda

With tools, it’s easier to divide tasks effectively. 

Having a plan throughout the day keeps the recruiters on track and in sync with the rest of the team.

There can arise no confusion, no delays, no unmet deadlines— do everything in time & without fail.

-Easier access to data

Most chrome extensions sync up the data used in your office email ID— which means you can access information from anywhere!

There’s no need to rely only on office desktops for quick updates to prospects.

Now, let’s dive right into the tools that can save your day!

  1. Right Inbox

With over 250,000 professionals looking for the perfect full-suite extension for their emails— this one tool right here works fine!

Right Inbox is built to help recruiters get done with more through their Gmail inbox.

Features of Right Inbox:

Email tracking: Keeping a track of the number of clicks on the email links. Get to know the engagement your emails are creating this way. 

Email reminders: Get reminders or updates about your emails. There’s no chance to forget about important emails. 

Follow-up emails: These go out for those prospects who do not respond to your emails. Strategize your recruitment efforts accordingly. 

Mass mailing: One of the most happening trends in recruitment right now— reach out to candidates with personalized messages in one go. It’s what you call ‘mail merge’. 

Look for the first free plan that Right Inbox offers— track five emails and set 10 reminders. For more features, upgrade to a premium plan. 

  1. Hunter.io

If you’re looking for a prospecting & email finder tool— Hunter is for you! 

Using prospects’ names and company details to extract contacts from the database. Hunter is particularly useful for finding prospects lists from a company. 

Hunter makes it possible to extract emails from company websites—making it easier for recruiters to get the information.

Features of Hunter:

Domain search: Find email addresses of any company that stands relevant for you

Email finder: The email finder feature of Hunter helps in getting professionals’ emails

Email verifier: Verify any email address that you get your hands on

Email campaigns: Send cold email campaigns for outreach

Upgrade to its paid subscription at $49 per month to get 500 emails.

  1. Grammarly

 Recruiters need to deal with a lot of content on a daily basis. They need to write emails to communicate with professionals or companies. For that, email stands as the most crucial way. 

Avoid making mistakes while writing emails. You don’t want to make a bad impression by sending grammatically incorrect emails. 

That’s why Grammarly!

Grammarly works alongside any content that you’re putting up. It corrects any flaws or typos and even suggests better sentences.

Features of Grammarly:

100% content check: Check your emails & any other content for 100% grammatical correctness

Freewriting assistant: The extension gives you writing guidance so that you can construct better sentences

Opt for Grammarly premium to access over 400 check and grammar fixes. 

  1. Clockify

What’s better than an extension that keeps track of the time?

Yes, that’s clockify for you. 

Boost business intelligence with clockify— tackle different tasks & divide your time into segments. This way you’ll be able to manage your time well!

Get robotic analytics of each project— to see how you’re managing your time.

Features of clockify:

It’s free: The best part of this extension is that it’s free, so you can download & join millions of people already using it to boost their productivity

Schedule tasks easily: Scheduling daily tasks gets easy with clockify. Track your activities in one place.

  1. HyperContext

Want to make meetings more productive? Try HyperContent.

The tool makes it easy for hiring managers to make the best out of their meetings. Achieve more with streamlined tasks, reach goals faster, and meet agendas— all fast & easy!

Features of HyperContext:

Share agendas: Probably the best feature of HyperContext is that you can share agendas with the meeting attendants. 

Saves information: Nobody has to worry about taking notes down while the meeting is on. This tool does that for you— miss no information!

HyperContext has some great features in store for recruiters. All that comes for a quite reasonable price. Start your free spin—upgrade to $5.60 per month.

  1. Ad Remover

This tool right here stands relevant in our list of best chrome extensions.

Whenever you’re using Chrome, ads will pop up everywhere. 

Ad Remover blocks any pop-ups, banners, tracking cookies, video ads, internet ads, and more. Forget about getting blocked by ads on your way to browsing something important!

Features of Ad Remover:

No ads: Enough said!!

  1. Calendly

A typical day in a recruiter’s day is filled with meetings, calls, interviews, agendas, & more. 

As a recruiter, you might have always found it difficult to manage many meetings in a day? Probably, have double-booked yourself by mistake! 

Calendly simply solves this problem— by taking full control of your daily schedule from your device. 

Schedule meetings using a calendar. Embed it in your email— while setting up a meeting with someone, simply send them the calendly link. 

Features of Calendly:

One easy link: 50,000+ organizations rely on Calendly for its easy manual process of scheduling with one link

Get attention: Get hold of your prospects with a simple & actionable Calendly link

Easy scheduling: No more headaches about scheduling—no time-zone confusion or double-booking

Start with a free plan. For more features & to make the most out of this tool—take a paid plan. It starts at $8 per month. 

  1. Discover.ly

Recruitment is about networking and connecting with prospects. Social media plays a crucial role in making this possible. 

Though, LinkedIn sounds like the perfect platform to do so—it’s probably not the best platform to know about prospects. 

Discover.ly brings all the social media to one place— to get the best out of each one of them. 

The extension scans your social profiles & pulls the people who have interacted with you via email. 

Features of Discover.ly:

Easy access to social profiles: If a prospect has replied to an ad that you posted on a job portal— through discover.ly extension you’ll get to see his social media profiles

Authentic information: No chance of getting false information. You only get the true knowledge about a candidate

Connections made easy: Discover.ly makes it easier to find relevant candidates. 

  1. Very Fast

Shortcuts to LinkedIn, email, & more are done with Very Fast— another important tool for recruiters. 

Features of Very Fast:

Connect with more prospects: Experience faster outreach with auto-populate names, no risky automation, and a super-fast way to get more leads in a day.

Faster follow-ups: Save time with automated follow-ups each week. Sync across multiple computers. 

Snippets to hit zero inboxes: Make a few tweaks in emails and send snippets to hit inbox zero faster.

Get 40 credits to start with– move on to 3 months’ license at $20

  1.  Humantic AI

Predictive personality insights from Humantic AI helps you to know prospects better even before you meet them.

Humantic AI offers talent intelligence for hiring.

Used by the best brands—Apple, PayPal, and more.

Features of Humantic AI:

Enrich outreach efforts: Stand out from the competitors by Humantic AI’s intelligence

Email personalization: Personalized emails that help you reach your prospects better 

Personal AI Assistant: Convert 30% more top prospects with the help of a personal AI assistant

Talent acquisition teams: Get data-driven recruitment done easily

The starter plan starts at $9 per month, $24 per month, and $40 per month. 

  1. AmazingHiring

Finding talent is made easy with AmazingHiring. The sourcing platform of AmazingHiring offers a simple solution in recruitment–making tasks of recruiters easier. 

The extension works on AI sourcing technology—you can find 40% more candidates from 50+ open sources online. 

25,000+ recruiters find talent faster with AmazingHiring.

Companies such as Alibaba Group, Yandex, Capgemini, & more trust on AmazingHiring!

Features of AmazingHiring:

Sourcing beyond LinkedIn: Instantly get access to 600,000,000 profiles aggregated from 50+ resources

Create Pipeline with AI Sourcing: AI-powered sourcing technology help to create a pipeline list of suitable candidates—relevant to the role

Contact Candidates Directly: Send personalized bulk emails to candidates, schedule follow-ups and track the engagement metrics on the tech hiring platform of AmazingHiring

  1. Briskine 

Want to write emails faster? Do it with Briskine. Create text templates and insert them with shortcuts.

Insert templates in the tools that you use for recruitment needs. Zendesk, Gmail, Messenger, and more such companies rely on Briskine for its usability!

Features of Briskine:

Create custom & personalized templates: Templates help in answering common questions in just a second. Personalize your messages using even custom variables such as the recipient's first name.

Insert templates quickly with keyboard shortcuts: Templates can be associated with a keyboard shortcut. Just type its shortcut and press TAB, to insert a template.

Share templates with your team: Cut down on writing the same email responses. Briskine has template sharing and syncing, so everyone is on the same page.

Briskine’s premium plan starts at $7/ person with unlimited people, unlimited templates, and team-shared templates. 

  1. OctoHR

GitHub user profile summary is probably the best tool you can have to fast-track your hiring process. Get all important information about developers from GitHub search filters.

Find perfectly matching candidates easily with OctoHR—it summarizes a candidate profile based on your search criteria—analyzing each candidate’s profile.

Add the extension to chrome to know more about the functionalities. 

Avail of all the free plans provided by OctoHR.


Our list of the best chrome extensions is specially curated to provide recruiters with the extensions they need in 2022! These extensions are sure to make your work easier and fast-track the hiring process. 

One such more extension that’s beneficial for recruiters is Nurturebox that makes hiring easier! Nurturebox automates & scales multichannel outreach so that recruiters can find the top talents from around the industry.


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