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Best email verification tools that can change the game!

January 20, 2022

Hey, have you been updating your email lists? Do you know how many of your emails are reaching your prospects?

Well, the answer my friend is easy! The best way to check whether you have the right list of prospects is through email verification tools.

Email verification tools help you to find out the email addresses that are no longer in use. You can then drop them off your email list and focus on nurturing only the valid email addresses. 

Let’s find out the tools that verify email addresses for you–

  1. NeverBounce

If you’re looking for a user friendly tool– NeverBounce is for you. With more than 125,000 users from across the world, this email verification tool carries great big lit cleaning capabilities. Verify email addresses in real-time to check NeverBounce assures up to 99.9% email deliverability – know the email addresses you need to drop off from your list. Pay-as-you-go pricing makes it easy for anyone to go for a subscription! (from $10.00/ month)

NeverBounce offers multiple integrations – some of which are of Mailchimp, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, & more. Newer integrations are getting added to the tool– so if you don’t see the integrations of your choice now – you’ll find them soon!


  1. ZeroBounce

AllState, Comodo, TripAdvisor– all major corporations have used ZeroBounce. One of the most popular tools – ZeroBounce has more than one verification process with uncountable integrations in place! 

What do you get from ZeroBounce? The tool checks spam traps, hard bounces, & majorly all the hindrances on the way of landing emails in the inboxes. It also takes care of the misspelled email addresses. 

Look out for ZeroBounce for these features–

-Bulk email verification

-Verification API 

-Multiple integrations

-Key customer data

For pricing plans, you get a pay-as-you-go structure. Starting at $16 for 2,000 email verifications. Check out more of their plans including a freemium plan that includes 100 email verifications every month. 


  1. Xverify

Targeted mainly for European marketers, this one right here has built-in protection against any fraud. Xverify is a trustworthy email verification tool for those who want to deliver emails without any hard bounces or spam complaints. 

If you’re wondering what’s in store for you in Xverify— that’s probably their flexible pricing point! With no minimum requirements, Xverify gives you 100 free verifications so that you can try their service for free.

Xverify’s batch uploading feature allows you to clean up a huge number of email addresses. In case you need future email verifications to be done, you can easily tap the email form into Xverify’s API and get rid of invalid email addresses!


  1. MailerCheck

From the house of MailerLite– a leading email marketing platform– MailerCheck comes as an excellent email validation platform for the users. While MailerLite offers some mind-blowing email delivery rates in the industry— they haven’t failed to impress the users with MailerCheck!

Get over inactive mailboxes, syntax errors, typos, and many more with MailerCheck. The platform offers integrations with some of the most popular email providers as well– import subscribers in seconds. Also, get the detailed reports when you verify emails in bulk.

  1. Clearout

Clearout identifies bad emails in many ways possible– wondering how? Removing duplicate emails, temporary emails, dots from emails, and sub-accounts. Additionally, it removes all other blacklisted domains— making email verification complete.

What’s unique about clearout? Get to upload up to 1 million emails at a time, verify a few emails within seconds, make real-time verifications with REST API, help to find B2B leads for outreach strategies. Also, integration with Zapier helps to clear out any gaps!

Clear cut pricing points— subscription and pay as you go plans. Pick your choice as the plan starts at $24.50/month for 5,000 credits.

  1. Hunter

An email outreach tool that includes an email verifier designed to clean up the email lists— improve deliverability rate for outreach campaigns. The tool comes in handy to find business leads based on domain. Easily detect invalid emails, hard bounces emails, blacklisted emails, and temporary emails. 

Find bulk email verification, single email verification, and other API integrations within Hunter. Request for pricing plans on Hunter— one email verification is considered as one request!

  1. Bouncer

Starting at $5 for 1,000 verifications, Bouncer is known popularly for its flexible pricing structure and GDPR compliance. The easy-to-use interface of Bouncer allows any user to quickly browse through the tool. 

Integrate Bouncer with popular tools— Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Woodpecker, and others. Plus points go to the amazing customer service team as you can call them up for any problems faced at any point. The staff resolves your issue via video chat, email, or call.

  1. CaptainVerify

Ending our list with the not-so-impressive tool, but one that cannot be denied! The reason why we are putting this one on our list is that this deserves a mention. The tool provides many verifications to clean up the email databases & ultimately improve deliverability. 

Brownie points for the most simple pricing plans that CaptainVerify offers. We can tell you to ask their customer support for a free trial that adds 100 verification credits free of charge. Get several language assistance, plenty of features, and more!


When you have the best email verification tools in place, email marketing with the best ROI gets easy. Our recommendation of the top 6 tools surely guides your way to receive valid and clean email addresses. Pro tip: Never compromise on having the highest email deliverability!

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