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Cold email tips that improve your response rate

February 2, 2022

There’s a trick to win any game! Believe it or not, cold emailing also has some tips that make the best of opportunities for your business.

The list of tips that can help you with cold emailing can be quite long. We are going to walk you through some of the things to keep in mind while you’re strategizing cold emailing.

Taking it slow, but steady is the best way to make your efforts count!

Best sending practices & research

Before anything else, know your ideal customer profile. Give enough time to understand who your target audience is. Approaching the right people on LinkedIn stands important always. 

  • Spend enough time in research. When you have ample research done, every step becomes easier. It helps in personalizing messages while writing cold emails to prospects.
  • Targeted email lists. Finding prospects through proper email lists can be done in various ways. Keep these lists segmented & targeted—in sync with business objectives.
  • Verify email addresses. Before sending off any campaigns, ensure that you have the right email addresses. Ward off email bounce rates by checking it beforehand. 
  • Keep count of email sent. Sending something around 50 to 200 emails per sender in a day is fine. If more than that, send them from different senders. 
  • Try a cold email software. Plan out your email campaigns. What works best are email software—that schedules all your emails and sends them out evenly, not at once.

Personalize cold emails to make an impact

  • Set the tone in subject lines. Email campaigns work the best when done in the right manner. Get your creative juices flowing in creating email subject lines.
  • Cold email musts. Never forget to address your prospect with their first names. It adds more personalization to the cold emailing.
  • Focus on email intros. Introduction lines are probably the most important. It’s how your prospect would respond—it’s all in your hands!
  • Aim at your goal. Remember the goal is to get replies to your cold emails. Don’t plan your conversion targets yet!

Integrations and automated workflows

  • Automated workflows make it easier. Extract emails by targeting prospects on LinkedIn and send outbound campaigns automatically. 
  • Send campaigns immediately. With each prospect added to your list, send campaigns automatically—on autopilot mode!
  • Get notifications. Slack is quite popular among teams. Get notifications on slack as soon as you get a reply.
  • Effective integrations. Connect with the CRM that you’re using easily—sync with NurtureBox—without any mess.

Sending outreach KPI benchmarks

  • Ace email deliverability. The problem mainly lies in ensuring higher email deliverability. If you have more than 50% open rate—you’re good to go!
  • More clicks, more traffic. More than 40% click rates equal guaranteed traffic to your email and then your website.
  • More reply rate. How? Aim at having more than 8% reply rate. If it’s below this—you might have to rethink your email personalizations.
  • Check your bounce rate. Anything that’s below 5% is good. More bounce rate means you need to revamp your email campaigns.


Congratulations, if you’ve made it so far! Probably, you’ve got a fair understanding of the do’s and dont’s. 

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