Convert prospects with WhatsApp conversations

Convert prospects with WhatsApp conversations


Raina Kushary

July 13, 2022

Sending WhatsApp messages has become a trend all over the world. The trend is going strong as it’s clearly the most used messaging application. More than 60 billion messages are exchanged over WhatsApp on a daily basis. 

Any business—big, medium, or small has easy messaging through WhatsApp—to make customer service quick. Even for recruitment, WhatsApp plays quite a big role. For example, NurtureBox adds a cool feature in its plugin—where sending campaign messages to prospects is done easily with just a click! 

In recruitment, approaching prospects through WhatsApp messaging is a great way to get them to talk! There’s a higher chance of getting responses from prospects. 

Why is WhatsApp so important for approaching prospects?

WhatsApp has the highest number of users, considering all the messaging applications. Getting through the noise of LinkedIn InMails can be quite difficult for recruiters—that’s why WhatsApp stands as the clear choice!

Let’s see why WhatsApp is useful—

  • Quick & easy. Goes without saying, it’s the easiest and the fastest way to get responses from a prospect. Everybody gets their notifications on their phone, desktop, or laptops.
  • Still discoverable. Not every recruiter knows about it and not every plugin has this feature! With WhatsApp, you’ll be able to reach prospects sooner.
  • Easily identified. Everyone’s on WhatsApp all the time. Prospects interact with family & friends—so they’re more likely to reply to anyone that drops them a text!

Take it from us—this works! WhatsApp messaging works. It’s more because prospects are more responsive than they are to other platforms. 

Can WhatsApp help to hire candidates?

Recruiters with the contact details of prospects can easily connect with them over WhatsApp. Is As easy as it sounds, you may ask, where to get the phone number? 

Through NurtureBox, you start WhatsApp messaging with the prospects instantly! With integrations in place, NurtureBox plugin already saves your time by adding contact information.

As you start interacting with prospects, you will get to know them better, evaluate their skills, and approach them with job descriptions. This fast-forwards the process of filling roles faster. 

WhatsApp is a much faster way to approach candidates for hiring!! The platform is considered efficient as you can find many candidates this way.

Build connections with WhatsApp

We cannot speak enough about how WhatsApp is a great platform for making connections with your prospects! From sending messages about a new opportunity to waiting for responses & interacting with prospective candidates—all is done on WhatsApp.

Also, attach PDFs or documents to share full information about the job description. 

Either prospects would be interested in the opportunity or they’ll pass.

Direct communication with prospects

One of the best things about approaching prospects through WhatsApp—you get an instant reply! Though email is still considered a more formal way of interacting with candidates—it takes time.

Recruiters can save their time by opting for a quick WhatsApp chat instead. 

The new age work-from-home scenario has witnessed a lot of instances where video meetings too are held on WhatsApp application. 

Try WhatsApp for enriched networking

You can make great networking on WhatsApp. Go ahead and create as many groups as you want in there and grow your network! 

For example, if hiring for a Product Manager, you may have a group created for such candidates—ask people with similar skills to join the group to interact with each other, gather insights, and get updates of new openings.

Such groups are helpful for both the recruiters and candidates. They are also an open forum to discuss about any new technology or tool—relevant to the skill. 

Make recruitment a lot easier with WhatsApp

Recruitment made through WhatsApp can be useful for recruiters—but is not utilised enough. NurtureBox shows a way by which WhatsApp chatting feature can add so much to the whole process of hiring!

To stay ahead in the highly competitive recruiting market, you have to level up to use various tools that make your work easier as a recruiter. WhatsApp is one of such tools that’s flexible, fast, and reliable.

Build up your network, make your recruitment process more efficient, and convert prospects soon!!

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