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Driving Engagement & Client Enquiries Through LinkedIn Polls

July 13, 2022

LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals today. Over the years, the platform has transitioned from being a strictly professional space to an interactive social media platform. 

Driving engagement on LinkedIn can open up multiple opportunities for your company. For recruiters looking to hire the best of talents from around industries, LinkedIn may be the right place. 

Both recruiters and candidates are taking LinkedIn seriously now more than ever. This is for a simple fact—LinkedIn has more to offer than ever before. Starting conversations with professionals directly is one way that has proved beneficial for all recruiters. LinkedIn’s homepage feed is more diverse now. 

LinkedIn polls are an invaluable tool for all who want to create a presence in the network. Generate a number of followers with engaging content & polls. As you engage more with people in your network with relevant content, more likely they are to respond. 

You may want to know more about LinkedIn polls, so here they are—

The whole purpose behind LinkedIn polls is to engage people by asking their opinions or feedbacks. You can’t deny that there’s an instant urge to vote for such a poll on LinkedIn when you see it yourself. Polls show up more on feeds than any other posts—photos or videos.

Carefully strategizing what works for your company & audience can build a good reputation on LinkedIn. Without being spammy to the audience, post regular polls with an interesting question and few options to choose from. 

Keep the poll for a week and observe how many people vote on your poll. Ensure that your poll is public & don’t forget to share the poll from several accounts for more reach. 

Companies use LinkedIn polls to gather feedback for anything that needs audiences’ opinion. 

When to use LinkedIn polls

One, if you need to address a wider audience, poll questions are a great way to know what professionals think—ones who are also outside your own network. With more responses on your polls, there’ll be more shares and eventually increased impression on your poll.

Second, for a more targeted audience, you may want to keep it close. Create a poll that’s only relevant to a niche audience—use jargons that only they understand & find interesting. Some polls can even be sent to a private group of professionals too. 

Create an effective poll on LinkedIn

Ask questions that are easy for your audience to understand & respond. If your polls have more responses then LinkedIn algorithm will show it to more people. On the other hand, you’ll know if your poll isn’t doing that great if there’s any less responses. 

The solution is easy—either create relevant polls for your connection or polls that would have a wide reach. 


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