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Employer Branding & Candidate Experience in 2022

July 13, 2022

The new year has brought many changes to the recruitment scene. 2022 has so far been a candidate’s market & will continue to be so throughout the year.  With a booming job market, the strength is more on the candidates’ side. 

Candidates have more options to choose from. Companies have a big responsibility to cut through the crowd and pick their preferred candidates. Top talents are being interviewed by companies & facing a tough competition against multiple offers. 

We can’t tell you enough how competitive the climate is right now, but what we can surely guide you with some ways that can help you offer excellent candidate experiences. Experience is the amalgamation of how the candidates perceive the hiring process. 

Hiring process starts when the candidates know that you’re hiring! 

Employee Branding

Managers in hiring decided that they’ll be investing heavily in employee branding in 2022. Competing against the “uncompetitive offers” in the market is one of the biggest challenges faced by hiring teams, until 2021. 

There are many things that make up the talent brand apart from compensation. From career advancement, company culture, diversity, social responsibility, collaboration, innovation, to product quality, innovation, & more!

[Source: 2022 Recruiting Trends: Employer Branding & Candidate Experience | Gem]

Employee Value Propositions (EVPs)

Every company has a formalized EVP  or employee value proposition—where it’s clearly defined what value the company offers to its employees. In return for the skills, efforts, and experience, candidates will have a good experience working in the company. 

For the companies that didn’t have any EVP so far has dedicatedly focused on building one. Why do you think EVPs matter? EVP strengthens and makes your employer brand stand out from the rest. Overall, the hiring team becomes well aware of the ongoing value propositions of the company.

Challenges faced by candidates

We can’t deny that one of the leading causes of candidates swaying to another company is that they get “better offer” there. Rejection reasons mostly revolve around the total compensation figure. Considering few elements such as diversity, culture, L&D, etc).

[Source: 2022 Recruiting Trends: Employer Branding & Candidate Experience | Gem]

Overall, employer branding and candidate experience can be further enhanced with the help of NurtureBox plugin. Try NurtureBox for free and see what it does for your company! For more information, contact us!

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