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Follow these trends in recruitment in 2022!

July 13, 2022

Total payroll employment in December 2021 was close around 199,000 in india. Despite the gap in the hiring market, created by the pandemic has reduced the figure throughout the ealy 2021—things have started to look bright now. 

A labor shortage is giving more leverage to workers with not so much of experience. The competition for real talent exists in 2022 too. Considering the market scenario, hiring is not going to get any simpler. 

To make things easier & more organised, recruiters need to brace themselves with various tools—to strategise their game plan!

We can guide you through with some trends that you can follow to stay updated in 2022—

Aim at creating a well-thought out strategy 

Before you start thinking about anything else—plan on creating a robust detailed & strategic plan to achieve the hiring goals in 2022. The teams working under should be aware of what the plan entails—it gives them more idea of what’s going on & is going to happen.

According to the plan, you can start thinking about hiring new roles. The whole process of hiring is made easy with a full-proof plan that you & your team can create beforehand!

Check with your team for these few things:

  • Employment engagement surveys that can help in engagement, turnover, and more
  • Studying trends like employees changing jobs in January to gauge the employee turnover as well as hiring requirements
  • Plan on tackling resignations in bulk—to set wage expectations, remote work concept, better work conditions, & more
  • Understand DE&I goals for 2022 to attract, hire, and retain talent
  • To welcome or anticipate new hirings, consider the possibility of promotions or internal mobility

This plan definitely works on hiring goals that are relevant, measurable, specific, and achievable. Setting only realistic expectations by the recruiting teams would be a great plan to attain the goals.

Plan for your targeted audience

Make a plan to nurture your targeted audience—identifying and prioritizing the audiences that are most significant to the company.

  • Find key talent. We are talking about the highly-skilled professionals and are higher in the hiring hierarchy
  • Audiences that are strategic. Hiring students, university graduates, interns, even veterans and military hiring
  • Relationship audiences. Candidates that are already known to your business—including employees, past applicants, and referral candidates

Companies are increasingly focusing on creating amazing content to capture the attention of relevant candidates. Whether it’s blogs or social media content—the goal is to attract the right set of candidates. To ensure that the content is seen by the target audience, recruiters must put extra effort into developing & planning for the hiring process.

Therefore, organisations must be keen towards new technologies and tools that emerge in the market to stay updated. Like, automated recruiting process is a new hit that many recruiters swear by! Chat bots are cutting it with candidates and fast forwarding the hiring game.


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