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Here’s How You Can Lose Good Candidates

July 13, 2022

We like to watch great pairs on screen, we like a few food combinations over others—overall, some pairs team up too well to be ignored! One such combination that works best together is recruiters and candidates. Don’t you agree?

With the onset of the Great Resignation and a sudden rise of expectations among candidates about their experiences—there’s a lot that can be pointed out as ‘things to avoid while interacting with candidates’

Let’s take a look at the instances where you can ruin possibilities with a candidate by taking the wrong approach. This guide will help you in identifying the potential candidates & how you can retain them. 

  1. Instances when you may annoy the candidate

Imagine a candidate has been on away for some time and you’ve kept messaging the candidate on LinkedIn. Here, it’s important to remember that though technology makes it easier to connect with candidates—some part of a conversation requires human presence. So, when you’ve made enough efforts to get somebody’s attention but with no response—that should be your signal. 

That’s where you stop wasting time on a candidate with no response and move to other candidates. 

  1. Where you fail to track the communication

Interviewing candidates and ghosting them for a long time isn’t a good plan! NurtureBox plans it well by keeping a close watch on the candidates interacted with. The plan is to keep these candidates in the loop by sending timely reminders.

If by any chance you haven’t been able to keep in touch with the candidates—there’s still a way to mend that gap. Tell them what happened—people would understand. 

  1. Try to be kind towards candidates 

There can be instances where the candidate may ask you for rescheduling of the interview. Understand they’re probably asking you because of some urgency. We know that recruiters get to hear all sorts of excuses, but let’s be kind—it can actually be something important. 

Be cooperative and reschedule the interview as per the convenience of both parties (recruiter and candidate).

  1. Know what works for the candidate

From the perspective of the recruiters, automation is a great way to reduce trouble & get things done faster. But, does it always work best for the candidates? Probably, not!

When a candidate has spent an ample amount of time for the interview—you should reciprocate with equal enthusiasm. Please stay away from using automated emails if you’re rejecting the candidate. In that case, it sends out wrong signals. 

For example, an email like this — “We have received your resume. Unfortunately, your profile does not match with our expectations at the moment.” —this can create a negative impression on the candidate about your company.

  1. Please research about the candidate 

Before you start interacting with candidates, do your research. You don’t want to end up talking about engineering roles to a person you’re hiring for sales!

NurtureBox stores information with the help of integrations that keep updated details about each candidate. 

  1. Avoid rescheduling of interviews frequently

Many recruiters keep on rescheduling interviews without prior information to the candidates. It’s best to give the candidate’s time equal value. The candidate may not be available as per your rescheduling. While rescheduling the interview, take the consent from the candidate. It makes everything much easier!

Recruiters have a tough job! As best practices, most recruiters follow these errors to nurture the best experience. To make candidates a little more careful about how not to lose a talented candidate for a small mistake. 

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