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Hire the best talent with smart Outbound Recruitment Campaign

July 13, 2022

The pandemic has impacted the business landscape & caused many economic drawbacks, speaking industry-wise. Out of the drawbacks, we can mention the great resignation, bulk layoffs, lack of skilled labor, & more have led to some serious changes in the industry equilibrium. Consequently, recruiters have had to take a tough call during these times to hire suitable candidates. 

With the world recovering steadily, recruiters have started to take recruiting seriously. Keeping up with the recovering economies, recruiters have a vital role to restore the equilibrium in the labor industry. 

For recruiters or hiring managers, ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ recruitment have created a lot of buzz while hiring the right candidates. In short, inbound recruiting is when candidates apply for a job posted on portals & that’s how you come to know about them. On the other hand, outbound recruiting is when a company contacts a candidate that they find is suitable for any of their openings. 

Now, there arises a crucial point—how many candidates are actually looking for jobs? In a recent survey by LinkedIn, it was found that 80% candidates aren’t really looking for any job change. And, 25% candidates are actively searching for a job change!

Whether looking for a change or not, every candidate is interested in knowing the available opportunities in the market. Maybe, most of them are also looking to talk to hiring managers. The skill of hiring managers lies in pursuing the best talents.

Outbound recruiting can be nurtured to the fullest in order to hire candidates from both sphere—actively looking for job change or not.

Run a successful Outbound Recruiting Campaign

Outbound recruiting is quite similar to cold emailing. In both the cases, candidates with no prior interaction is contacted with the notion that they’re willing to talk about any relevant openings. 

Being a recruiter, you can approach candidates either by directly messaging them on LinkedIn or sending them cold emails

Cold emailing stands as much less intrusive than cold calling. However, messaging candidates individually can be time-consuming, that’s why you should opt for cold emailing tools. Tools like NurtureBox allows integration with other tools like lemlist for easy email campaigning to prospects.

Launch an outbound recruitment campaign and send cold emails to your prospects easily with the help of these tools! 

Source the right candidates

If you want to make your outbound campaign successful, keep special note of who all you’re emailing. Please stay away from emailing everyone on your list—this way you’ll reduce the success rate. 

Rather than buying email lists, you can build your own email list on LinkedIn. Handpick potential candidates & personalize your way to attract their attention. Increase engagement this way!

Few things to remember for your outbound recruiting campaign

-Personalize email subject line

-Keep modifying your strategy 

-Explain the candidate benefits

-Remember to add a CTA

-Analyse the email campaign

-Include a follow-up email


NurtureBox can help you in the outbound recruiting campaign in many ways. With some great integrations in our plugin, we aim to make each recruiters’ task easier! Using the right tools can make a huge difference in the outcome of your campaigns. Ensure that you have suitable tools in place to get through. 

Take some cue from this blog for some tips & tricks that will come handy for your outbound campaign!

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