How to Automate Your Outbound Recruitment using Nurturebox: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Automate Your Outbound Recruitment using Nurturebox: A Comprehensive Guide


Raina Kushary

December 2, 2022

The talent market has become more challenging than ever to tackle. If the extensive gap between demand and supply of quality candidates wasn’t enough, the pandemic and the following economic scenarios further made recruiters’ lives difficult. Over 73% of candidates in the workforce are passive job seekers, relying on applications for attracting quality talent is not effective anymore. As a result, outbound recruitment is the key to successful talent acquisition efforts. 

What comes to your mind when you hear - ‘outbound recruitment’? Extensive outreach, candidate engagement, and maintaining a talent pool – all of this at scale, is what defines it at a ground level. However, handling outbound recruitment manually alongside the existing recruiting tasks – can easily be overwhelming for recruiters. 

Here’s where Nurturebox comes in. The comprehensive outbound recruitment software enables hiring teams to scale their sourcing campaigns seamlessly. How? Nurturebox solves the outbound approach using end-to-end recruitment automation. For recruiters, it’s basically their candidate sourcing, engagement, and talent pool management put up on auto-pilot.

The talent that you acquire defines your company’s growth trajectory moving forward. And you should never underestimate the competition as a recruiter today. It’s a virtual race of talent hunting that organizations are running in, candidates are being chased by multiple recruiters at any given time. Amidst the hiring challenges and looking at the pace at which companies are growing today, recruiters need to get rid of the mundane repetitive tasks of the hiring funnel. 

In this blog, we will discuss the ins and outs of outbound recruitment - why is it important, what you need to scale up, and how Nurturebox can help your recruitment team hire effectively. Stick around for a detailed discussion.

What is Outbound Recruitment?

Before we dive deep into automation and how Nurturebox can help you scale your recruiting efforts smoothly – let’s quickly understand what is the outbound recruiting approach.

In essence, outbound recruiting is a proactive way of sourcing and hiring talent. 

Unlike the conventional inbound approach, here you don’t post jobs and wait for candidates to apply. But you reach out to them, add the qualified ones to your talent pool and continuously engage/nurture them for your current and future hiring requirements. 

The outbound recruiting approach gives you complete control over your talent acquisition. How? Well, recruiters cannot ensure high-quality applications to job posts. But with outbound – one can certainly pre-screen candidate profiles and reach out to qualified and experienced talent. 

Compared to inbound recruiting, you put in a lot more effort in sourcing candidates. But almost all profiles are pre-screened, so it also saves a substantial amount of time. Here are some of the major differences between outbound and inbound recruiting:

  • You don’t focus on attracting high-quality applications and wait, but actively search for and contact candidates.
  • With this approach, you can also reach out to passive candidates who are not looking for jobs actively, but would be open to switching if the opportunity is good enough - that’s 85% of the total employed workforce currently.    
  • In place of job ads and hiring posts – cold emailing, and outreach on platforms like LinkedIn and resume databases are used.

Why Do You Need Outbound Recruitment Software?

What you see:

The outbound recruiting approach provides recruiters with complete control over the talent that they source as well as the recruiting strategy. Hence, recruitment teams can create potentially scalable plans and build a talent pool for continuous hiring. It can directly be a game-changer for your talent acquisition in beating the tough competition and succeeding in the candidate-centric market.

What you don’t see:

Reaching out to candidates needs extensive involvement and efforts by the recruiting team and it’s not a one-time process. Multiple rounds of outreach are followed by nurture campaigns and then the recruitment process before a candidate is finally onboarded. Not to forget - maintaining the recruitment pipeline and keeping candidates updated on every step, sum up to be extremely time-consuming and require high efforts from hiring teams.

Recruitment automation tools solve this to make the process significantly simpler. Let’s take a look at the primary reasons why you need outbound recruitment software:

  1. Accelerating Your Recruitment is the Need of the Hour

First things first - recruitment is naturally a long process. But with competition picking up rapidly and your company looking to grow - you don’t have much time. On the other hand, top talent is just available for 10 days in the market. All the factors divert to the same story - you need to accelerate your recruitment. 

From sourcing to engagement, and recruitment – your hiring process must be streamlined enough for candidates being chased by multiple recruiters. An outbound recruitment tool accelerates this by automating the outreach, engagement campaigns, pipeline management and campaign analytics for helping the recruitment extensively. Not only you can accomplish your hiring goals rapidly, but fast and efficient recruitment also serves a great candidate experience – hence maximizing your chances of acquiring top talent.

  1. Your Recruiting Team Needs to Focus on Human-Centric Tasks

Outbound Recruitment involves too many repetitive and mundane tasks which when done manually, can be too time-consuming for recruiters not allowing them to focus on the human side of recruiting. More often than not, recruiting teams are found to be stuck in screening resumes, creating and maintaining candidate databases, and updating the recruitment pipeline (after each round for each role and every candidate) – that’s basically too much work on their plate.

For effective hiring and ensuring that quality candidates don’t drop off your recruitment funnel – you need to maximize focus on candidate interactions and interviews. It’ll further help you identify and hire the best candidate too. 

  1. Passive Sourcing is the Present and Future

Only one-fourth of the entire workforce consists of active job-seekers (people who’ll apply to your job posts). It’s evident that relying on job applications, especially while your organization needs to hire top talent for multiple roles and grow fast, is not a feasible choice.

So reaching out to passive candidates (who don’t apply to jobs), actively engaging them, and forming relationships hold the key to hiring top-quality talent that satisfies your business need. Outbound recruitment software simplifies the entire process for you and provides a top-level view of the pipeline so that you can continuously execute outbound strategies and analyze the results. 

  1. Organized Recruitment is the Key to Productivity & Collaboration

Recruitment regardless of the approach is a collaborative process. Sourcing candidates, maintaining consistent persuasive engagement, and continuously managing the candidate pipeline cannot be done by one person. Positive collaboration is the road to redemption for tackling the extensive recruitment process along with the hiring challenges. 

An outbound recruitment tool not only optimizes your recruiting team’s productivity by automating mundane lengthy tasks but also enables easy collaboration. How? It provides a centralized window to your recruitment pipeline with end-to-end updates for each candidate’s recruiting status. So that the team stays aligned and candidates can be guided and supported by anyone as and when required.

  1. Scaling Up Your Talent Acquisition Requires Efficient Recruitment Process

Recruiting efficiency matters more than you think it does. Especially when your company is growing fast and you want to scale your talent pipeline. You never ideally want your recruitment funnel outcomes to be proportional to the efforts you put in – it would mean spending 10x resources and time in hiring 10 candidates as compared to one. 

Right from sourcing candidates to recruiting and onboarding them, each step of the recruitment journey is streamlined using automation brought by outbound recruitment software. Hence, the time of hiring, cost of hiring, candidate experience, and candidate drop-off – the strategy optimizes all the metrics contributing to recruiting efficiency. As a result, you can scale up talent acquisition seamlessly. 

How Does Nurturebox Help You Automate Outbound Recruitment Effectively?

Nurturebox is your one-stop solution for sourcing candidates at scale. With automated outreach, engagement, and pipeline management - you can ensure your recruitment team never misses out on talent acquisition goals. 

The tool comes as a Chrome extension which you can plug in with platforms like LinkedIn and get started straight away. We saw how outbound recruitment can be a game-changer for your recruitment efforts. Let’s now take a look at how Nurturebox helps you automate and streamline each stage of the recruitment process. 

#1 Easy Candidate Information Lookup 

Before you begin outbound recruitment by reaching out to candidates, the prior requirement is finding contact details of the target candidates. Only a small number of individuals mention their email id and phone number on LinkedIn, out of which not all are publicly available. But don’t worry - we have got your back. 

Nurturebox enables you to extract anyone’s email address and phone number within seconds. With available integrations like Improver, SignalHire, and RocketReach – finding candidates’ contact details and adding them to your sourcing campaigns takes just a couple of clicks. So that you and your recruitment team can focus on identifying and selecting the right talent.

#2 Integrate Existing ATS for Comprehensive Sync

Unlike other recruitment tools, Nurturebox doesn’t require you to migrate your candidate database or switch your ATS. Our platform offers powerful ATS integrations of Recruitee and Greenhouse to effortlessly sync your outbound recruitment activities with your existing ATS.

This enables effective collaboration within recruitment teams as you never reach out to the same candidate twice, avoid recruitment disparities, and provide adequate support to candidates when required.

A birds-eye view of your sourcing pipeline will ensure the entire recruitment team stays in sync. Hence, collaboration can be optimized and candidates are instantly updated about their recruitment status.

#3 Personalized Multi-Channel Outreach Ensures Maximum Response Rate

Gone are the days when emails were enough for reaching out to candidates. To stand out among the heavily crowded talent market, you need to reach out to passive talent on platforms they use the most. Nurturebox enables you to reach out to candidates via WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Emails and SMS. Additionally, multi-touch engagement campaigns ensure your brand stays at the top of their mind and you get responses from most candidates.

Automating your outreach and engagement doesn’t actually need you to compromise on personalization – which holds the key to building relationships. Creating and using templates for personalization is extensively easy with Nurturebox. 

The available plugins - WhatsApp and Gmail for outreach and engagement help recruiters streamline communication with candidates. And the Lemlist plugin allows to create email nurturing campaigns for impactful candidate engagement sequences.

#4 End-to-End Performance Tracking and Analytics 

Working on your outbound recruitment efforts rigorously isn’t enough. You need to be regular with analyzing the performance too. Each step involved in the outbound recruiting journey - outreach, engagement, candidate response, and recruiting timeline needs to be analyzed with relevant metrics. 

Nurturebox provides recruitment teams with complete analytics on their sourcing campaigns and engagement performance so that you can tweak your strategies at the right time for optimal results. Leverage meaningful analytics generated through outcomes of numerous outreach templates, engagement time, and nudges for candidates. 

How to Level Up Your Outbound Recruitment using Nurturebox: Step by Step

We discussed how challenging (but rewarding) outbound recruitment is, and what are the provisions served by Nurturebox to tackle the same. Scaling up your outbound recruitment is a big deal – with respect to your hiring strategies and outcomes, but it’s not at all complex, at least with Nurturebox.

Take a look at how the magic happens. It’s just 6 steps and a matter of minutes as you begin reaching candidates and add them to your sourcing pipeline.

Step 1: Sign Up for Nurturebox

Add the Nurturebox Chrome extension to your Google Chrome and sign up on the platform. You can enter basic details like your role, and team size, and also name your first campaign.


Step 2: Find a Candidate Profile to Add to Your Sourcing Campaign 

Use search filters on LinkedIn or go to a known profile that you want to add to your outbound recruitment campaign. 

Step 3: Find Contact Information 

Just a single click and you can access the contact information of the target candidate - as simple as it looks.

Step 4: Reach Out on WhatsApp

Reach out to your target candidates on WhatsApp - use available templates or create one to scale up your automated outreach that produces desired results. 

Step 5: Launch a Lemlist Campaign

Start email nurture sequences by integrating your Nurturebox plugin with Lemlist. Add candidates to email engagement campaigns easily in just a few clicks.

Step 6: Add Candidates to Your ATS

No need to migrate your database or set up a new ATS. Nurturebox lets you integrate your existing Greenhouse or Recruitee ATS effortlessly. Add your sourced candidates to the ATS for complete sync between your outbound recruitment dashboard and engagement activities.

That’s not all - The ways you can use Nurturebox for automated outbound recruitment is truly limitless. Get started now! 

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