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How To Boost Hiring Pipeline With LinkedIn Talent Insights

October 27, 2022

What are LinkedIn insights?

Data is the most powerful tool for every marketer. Every marketer in their activities involves measuring metrics to see what works and what does not. The trick is to know how to use data and turn it into actionable insights. LinkedIn Insights does exactly that. 

LinkedIn Talent Insights is useful because it helps professionals to have access to wide data & insights at their fingertips. But, having data is not enough. What you need more is the knowledge to use that data the most. When the market has got tough with talented professionals crowding the scenario, it’s more than important to know the labor market outside your organization. 

Recruiters can take suggestions from top hirers and get to know where they’re hiring talented professionals. It’s a good idea to always keep in touch with top hirers as they have the best ideas. Find candidate pools so that you can source candidates easily. With this, you would identify the candidates most suitable to engage with the outreach efforts. 

For all this, nothing comes before the brilliant LinkedIn Talent Insights. First launched in 2018, LinkedIn’s talent insights was created based on an analytics solution that gives recruiters access to data. The data includes 575 million professionals, 15 million active job listings, and 20 million companies.  

LinkedIn Insights consider two report functions—talent pool report and company report. Having such reports help recruiters with access to unique data for competitor analysis, peer benchmarking, and more. There is so much more that can be done with the assistance of LinkedIn Talent Insights—recruitment professionals need to know how to use it. 

How To Use LinkedIn Talent Insights

To know how to use LinkedIn Talent Insights, you have to know everything in detail. The benefits of the insights are not restricted to one use, but rather many. If you plan to include LinkedIn Talent Insights as part of your marketing campaign, you will get the best of these benefits—

  1. Extremely targeted content

Content plays a key role in every industry right now. The impact of content is manifold and will stay for a long time—almost forever. When it comes to creating quality content, there is no rulebook. Understanding a product in-depth leads an idea to creating content that reaches the target audience. More people focus now on producing content that stays in the mind of their audience. 

LinkedIn Insights guides you to know what your audience wants to know about & what they don’t want. How to know this? The metrics are based on which content has had the most engagement and which had less. Recruiters are using LinkedIn Insights to check the competition that exists in the market.  Use the knowledge and create unique content. 

  1. Improve retargeting ad

The retargeting ad is worth a lot in marketing—that equals a valuable item. So, what is this retargeting ad? Retargeting is about involving someone who engages with something that you put out on social media or the company website and the action is not completed. For instance, if you are offering a free e-book to your audience in exchange for their email address and the audience has not provided their email address, you can retarget the audience with ads. 

In this case, the leads are already warm, which is why they click on your link. Retargeting ads fetch ten times more click-through rates than normal ads. 

  1. More employee retention

Hiring managers mostly turn to LinkedIn to find talented candidates around the industry. You need to understand as recruiters that candidate skills are changing. They update their skills every now and then—making it tricky for recruiters to catch up. Still, the hiring industry believes that LinkedIn is the best platform to look for candidate pools 

LinkedIn is a great place to know about candidates. Understand the applicants, their backgrounds, and their experience. If you’re a startup that needs new people, using LinkedIn Insights is the best idea. Without spending much time testing candidates, you’ll be able to hire the right candidates.

  1. Keep up with the latest trends

Believe it or not, LinkedIn Insights helps you to understand what customers want. With insights and trends, you can assess what your followers want from you. The online behavior of followers gives a lot of understanding as to what they expect from your company. You can as well track trends of bigger companies with more followers—that would give more ideas. 

For example, if you own an e-commerce company that sells apparel and accessories, your demand would grow during the festive season. As the season approaches you will get to see the trends most people are interested in. 

  1. Location data to find candidates

Being part of the talent acquisition team, you must be aware of the available talent pool. The more you know about the talent pool, the easier it is to find candidates that fit your criteria. In a talent report pool, the best feature is the ability to find a role by location. This means recruiters can find the best talents—hidden gems in the industry—with the location feature. 

As a recruiter, if you’re trying to find a remote software developer, you might want to look at locations such as New York, Chicago, or London. This is an example of why and how location matters while you are trying to search for candidates that fit the requirements of a role.  

  1. Harness diversity for meaningful targets

LinkedIn Talent Insights determines the talent pool diversity that you’re currently sourcing from. Considering diversity as one of the important factors while sourcing puts you in a better position to strategically make decisions. Expand the recruitment nexus and improve the opportunities for hiring diverse talent. Real-time data gives you the idea to set meaningful targets—break down information for a better hiring decision.

Try to find out how much time candidates usually stay in a specific role—engage with these candidates based on such data. Build a highly targeted list of candidates who you plan to engage and nurture. This way you can save your time & resources by not engaging with candidates who are interested. 

LinkedIn Talent Insights has access to huge data that recruiters can use at their fingertips. Now that you know a few strategies on how to use LinkedIn Talent Insights — you can boost the hiring pipeline in no time. What is best to add a phenomenal tool along with LinkedIn to help find candidates across the industry. Hire the best people that suit your requirements with NurtureBox—a plugin that eased multichannel outreach so that you reach top candidates by interviewing them without any hassle.  

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