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Is Social Media Hiring a must-have strategy today?

July 13, 2022

Today, marketing strategies are mostly directed at social media platforms. It’s easy to guess why such a trend has set in. Professionals are increasingly found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. That’s why hiring managers can easily trace professionals they’re willing to reach out to. 

Like every marketing strategy, reaching out to candidates on social media also requires an efficient plan. The hiring team can think of a strategy that will get you through the entire social media interaction with candidates. 

We have to consider that there are candidates on platforms like LinkedIn who probably aren’t actively searching for jobs—but won’t mind looking at opportunities.  

The way sourcing has evolved over the past few years is incredible! With increasing demand in the hiring industry, social media sourcing has become the most popular sourcing way. 

Why is social media sourcing important?

The popular recruitment sites are effective yet heavy due to the traffic. There’s a competent challenge to move on to a more reliable space that’s less crowded. Sourcing professionals are shifting to untapped talent network pools. When you think of newer ways of sourcing strategy, what you get is improved efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

Social media sourcing is good because it involves more personalized and authentic conversations. So, in your outreach if you’re trying out a multi-channel approach on social media—you need an efficient strategy. 

There’s a growing number of social media platforms today. However, choose the platforms wisely—as per your business type—also considering the outreach audience. 

Portray the company culture

As we know that social media is a more personal space for interaction, as recruiters you get to listen more from the candidates. Establishing business relationships seem easy when interaction takes place between recruiters and candidates. With more communication, it’s easier to gather insights on persona behaviors of candidates, ongoing trends, and competitive positioning. Social media interaction not only helps candidates learn about the company culture, but also acts as a great source of learning about the candidate.

Few things become really important when recruiters think of social media strategy. As mentioned earlier, it’s essential you decide on the platforms you want to plan your strategy around. Based on the candidates you want to outreach, industry, and a few other factors determine the social media strategy. 

Let’s take a look at each of the social media platforms—


LinkedIn is strictly a professionals’ social media platform. Well, the platform has surely moved ahead from calling just one. It has become a more conversational platform over the years. Professionals not only interact with each other or with recruiters or follow company activities, it’s more than that now. 

With 740+ million active users, LinkedIn is a fun platform even for professionals. Reaching out to candidates isn’t difficult. Shoot an InMail to the candidate. Get more features with paid subscription. Use extensions like NurtureBox to refine your candidate search.   


Definitely a sourcing goldmine with 2.8 billion active users per month. There’s hardly any other platform that comes close to Facebook. A user spends about 38 minutes daily on Facebook—that speaks for itself how popular the platform is. There are recruiter groups that post notifications of openings. Both candidates and recruiters can very well gather insights from Facebook groups. 


With a whooping 330 million active users on Twitter, you know you’re there on the platform for good. Twitter offers a resourceful platform to all recruiters and candidates in the hiring game. There are several groups on Twitter that post job notifications so that candidates can directly be informed about any openings that might be interested in. 

Reach out to as many candidates you want with tweets on your company page. Notify candidates of every single information through regular tweets. 


We can tell you that choosing each social media platform is the first step in strategizing your social media goals. Know your audience, understand what you want from the process, and plan each step wisely. The best platforms to outreach professionals are - LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Chalk out an efficient strategy to attract talented candidates to interview with you!

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