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Keep these LinkedIn connection message tips handy!

January 27, 2022

To recruiters, LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with prospects. The platform is hands-down the most feasible way to find candidate profiles suitable for any job role. 

But, how easy is it to reach out to a candidate on LinkedIn? By now, we don’t have to tell you that it’s quite a task to do it successfully!

LinkedIn is preferred by recruiters because it’s the only platform that can take you to hundreds of candidates—interact with them easily.

There’s almost no stress in finding prospects on LinkedIn—if you have your messaging game on track.

What works best today on LinkedIn is an organic way of messaging your prospects—without sounding too professional nor personal—making it a surefire way to grab the attention of prospects!

How to send a connection message on LinkedIn?

Making connections on social media can be tricky—that’s why you need some expert advice on how to ace the game.

Starting right away with the basic requirements. We can then move on to templates and examples.

-Ensure a good profile presentation

 LinkedIn profile should be created in a way that makes the impression right at the beginning. Make sure that you have these things in place–

  • A professional & clear profile photo  
  • Proper name 
  • Short professional description

It’s a good way to start building trust in your connections. 

How would you know whom to connect with?

Find your niche audience. If you try to connect with a large group at once, you’re going to do a mistake. 

Look out for people who work in the same industry as yours. Start following influencers, achievers, and stalwarts of the domain. 

We can suggest some strategies for the same:

  • Play around with LinkedIn search filters
  • Take inspiration from popular content creators on LinkedIn

Can you connect with someone who’s not your connection yet?

Yes, you can! Write a message that’s short but has all the information packed in. 

How can you write the perfect connect request message?

Every professional receives tons of messages on a daily basis—so, your message should cut it through. It is crucial that your message catches the attention of the recipient. 

The best thing is to make your messages engaging so that you get proper responses. 

Let’s find out some of the key points to remember when writing your message to prospects—

-Keep the purpose clear

When you’re writing a message, make sure that you set out a clear picture of what you want to say. Usually, messages starting with a question can turn more heads than usual. 

-Talk about yourself

Make organic conversations—that does not sound like robots! 

Start the conversation by mentioning the latest campaigns that work best for the customers you’re trying to pitch in.

-Short but informative

Always have your message written in a short, but informative way. Nobody has the time to read long messages—write short and compelling messages. 

Try following this format:

  • Introduction
  • Purpose/context
  • Expected response

LinkedIn messaging templates or examples to help you start meaningful conversations!

These templates are sure to help you through. However, there’s no hard & fast rule or right or wrong about how you should be messaging your prospects. 

But, we’re here to give some inspiration.

Search-based LinkedIn connection

Here, we suggest using the data that’s already available on LinkedIn. For example, professionals add their location, company, job profile, and more. Search profiles with such information. 

It becomes much easier to find candidates based on this data. 

LinkedIn business group members 

Keep an eye on the various communities on LinkedIn. Look for some inspiration and be updated on the latest trends.

You can make meaningful conversations by talking about common interests. Connecting on the basis of mutual interests can be a great way of taking it to a higher level. 

Facebook sales group members

Same as above. The strategy remains the same for this one too. Get to find the groups that match your interests. 

Messages that talk about milestones

Keeping yourself updated about the milestones that your prospects are reaching is a good idea. Let them know that you’re following up with their achievements.

Many recruiters are adopting this technique in their messages. Needless to say, they are getting a lot of responses from the other end!

Connect with top talents

This falls under the top LinkedIn strategies—with highly-personalized messages for each prospect. 

The best way is to throw in a summary of the latest work done by the prospect or work summary from the last 6 months. 

Cold email outreach strategy

Try this only if people don’t respond to your messages or connection requests. Move on to another channel in that case!

What works best here is a follow-up email with personalized images or a relatable post to attract the attention of your prospect!

Key Takeaways

Now that you have some idea how to strategize the connection messages, you’re good to go!

The personalized approach always hits the targets—we highly recommend it. Going for A/B testing definitely gives you a fair idea of what your audience likes.

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