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Look out for these top contact database tools

July 13, 2022

“Keep your sales pipeline full by prospecting continuously. Always have more people to see than you have time to see them.” – Brian Tracy

This stands true for all the recruiters trying to get their hands on prospects. We get it— finding the right people for your business can get tough. Managing and tracking customers is essential for your business to grow. 

How do we do it on LinkedIn? Simple. Recruiters need to get email addresses, phone numbers, and more such information to get in touch with the prospects. 

Before we jump in to know the best tools/plugins available in the market right now, we would also like to notify you about the policies that LinkedIn has with plugins. Make sure to check out before you start using any of the plugins.

In this article, we would like to list down the most relevant tools that recruiters can use to hunt down information fast!

  1. Improver.io

Improver.io is targeted to find personal emails from LinkedIn. Yes, it works as an extension and can be easily used to fetch candidate information. The highly innovative extension works seamlessly & makes it easier for any recruiter to gather insights on a candidate profile.

Key highlights about Improver.io—

-Finds private email addresses from LinkedIn

-Recruiters & hiring managers get the most out of the extension

-Verified emails of candidates 

-API access

-Update the CRM for updated data

Big corporates like Gartner, Deloitte, Accenture, Facebook, and more are already using Improver.io. The tool can be considered relevant for contact finding in the highly competitive market.    

  1. Salesql

This extension clearly says “Supercharge your LinkedIn prospecting”! Salesql can be used to source email addresses from LinkedIn. Get information even before you’ve established connections with candidates. 

Key highlights about Salesql—

-Get all the emails you need

-Enrich and extract contacts in bulk

-Avoid mixing up emails 

-Simple & fast tool 

-100 free credits 

Hilton, Verizon, Cognizant, Johnson&Johnson— many such big houses are using Salesql. Get email addresses for your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd+ LinkedIn connections. Salesql promises to improve productivity on your end by managing leads like never before!

  1. Rocket Reach

Rocket Reach is a straight-up contact finding tool that sets the right foot and helps you find out ideal prospects. Make your search easier with both ‘people’ and ‘companies’ tabs — filter out the requirements like location, job title, skills, years of experience. 

Key highlights about Rocket Reach–

-Search by a keyword or LinkedIn URL 

-Easy edge extension

-Flexible individual, team, & enterprise plans

-Bulk lookups 

-Third-party apps and integrations

With Rocket Reach, you can connect with professionals to new opportunities— powered by the largest contact database. It has 9.1+ million users across the globe. Companies such as Google, Apple, Adobe, Morgan Stanley, heavily depend on Rocket Reach to power their recruitment. 

  1. Skrapp


If you’re looking for B2B emails particularly, then Skrapp is for you. Go ahead & build the most accurate leads database with Skrapp. What you get from this plugin is the sheer productivity required in collecting data and keeping track of the leads.

Key highlights about Skrapp—

-Verified email addresses

-Accurate lists for campaigns

-Leads from company profiles

Skrapp’s advanced search tool makes it easy to find prospects from LinkedIn, Google searches, or elsewhere. Unlike others, email addresses found through Skrapp are verified in real-time. The accuracy is double-checked!

  1. ContactOut

ContactOut has been in the market for quite some time now and is a highly performing plugin. Get any private and professional email addresses— from among 1+ billion professionals. 75% of the Fortune 500 companies use ContactOut!

Google, JPMorgan, PWC, and much more use this plugin to extract emails out of LinkedIn.

Key highlights about ContactOut–

-Access contact details that others can’t get

-Engage candidates 10x faster

–Source candidates on LinkedIn & GitHub

-Save profiles to spreadsheets or ATS with a click

ContactOut gives you the benefit of searching for candidates outside LinkedIn!! Also, engage in email campaigns with different prospects at one go— all automatically.

In case, you’re looking for just more than email addresses, you need to check out some more interesting tools—

  1. SignalHire

The go-to plugin to find out email addresses, phone numbers, social profiles, & more. The best thing about SignalHire is the CRM and ATS solutions— integrate your current ATS with SignalHire’s ATS. Recruiters find SignalHire to be a comprehensive solution for their requirements. Find both private and professional information through the plugin.

Key highlights about SignalHire–

- Verified emails by third-party tools

-Emails are found 1000x faster 

-Powerful search filters 

SignalHire’s built-in ATS allows easy connection with candidates. Salesforce, HubSpot, recruitee, Taleo, Zoho— are some of its integration partners.

  1. Snovio

Find email addresses, verify them, and send email campaigns— all with Snovio. What sets this plugin apart is the campaign triggers, auto follow-up messages, and goals it allows. You also get an email tracker for Gmail to receive notifications when people click on emails or even read them!

Key highlights about Snovio–

-Effective candidate nurturing with engagement

-Sync across platforms with powerful integrations

-Experience the power of automation

  1. Lusha

Lusha definitely takes information search a notch up than others! It helps find email addresses and contact information. This tool automatically scans profile pages to extract information. Get private and professional emails, as well as phone numbers.

Key highlights about Lusha—

-Connect to ATS you already use

-Build an accurate prospect list

-Enrich systems with data

-Find contact data on the web

280,000+ companies opt for Lusha to connect with prospects. Some of the clients are— Dropbox, Google, Uber, etc.


While our list above mentions the best contact lookup tools to find email addresses and more, you must check out Nurturebox which brings a lot more to the table! With Nuturebox, you can get integrations with your ATS, along with finding contact information and sending out campaigns. The plugin aims to save time for recruiters— acting as a comprehensive solution for recruiting needs. If you have been trying out several tools that serve your need to find prospects, it’s time you give Nuturebox a try!

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