Make sure to not make these recruitment mistakes!

Make sure to not make these recruitment mistakes!


Raina Kushary

August 16, 2023


For recruiters, what stands most important is to hire the right candidates. As a recruiter, you must spend enough time in analysing a profile—find out what makes a candidate stand out from others. 

Recruiters take to various platforms like LinkedIn to look for candidates. Extensions like Nurturebox leverages recruiters with contact information, instant messaging via whatsapp, & more such features. With such features in place, a recruiter can hire easily, with detailed information about the candidate.

A typical hiring post on LinkedIn would something like this—

Such posts may do a great job when hiring fresher candidates—as they keep their eyes open to opportunities. But, what about professionals with more experiences & higher in the hierarchy?

Managers or senior professionals may not always find their way to posts shared by recruiters. Finding candidates from all hierarchical levels is upon how you approach the whole process—without making any mistakes!

But, let’s face it. We all make mistakes, recruiters are no exception. 

So, here’s our take on what all to avoid as a recruiter—

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Have you given a thought to how many connection requests or InMail messages a professional gets on a daily basis? 

That gives you an idea as to how different your approach has to be. Depending on the target audience you’re trying to reach—plan your way. Define your goals and send messages as per the requirements. 

Try to stay away from the usual messages that involves drab descriptions about the role. Now is the age to take the messaging game to the next level. 

Introduce video descriptions that gather more interests from the viewers. Even if you’re writing down job descriptions, ensure they are crisp and to-the-point. You don’t want to unnecessarily divert the attention of the reader by adding too much information. 

  1. Find the right strategy

Get this straight—you cannot just post that job opening and sit back until a candidate shows up. It doesn’t happen that way anymore! 

Let out the information by which candidates will find you out and show interest in your opening.

Finding passive qualified candidates but who aren’t exactly looking for a job change—can be quite daunting. You must look into a few factors before identifying candidates.

LinkedIn can be a great platform to make your strategic move towards onboarding candidates! 

Tap into your network referrals to get to know any candidates in the radar. You might end up getting connected to the right candidates.

  1. Set the right preparation

When you’re about to interview a candidate–make sure you have studied about them. What we mean is that going for an interview without knowing about the candidate’s profile is going to turn out bad!

Breeze through the profile of the candidate to see their profile—get an idea of what projects they have worked in & what skills they carry.

Lack of knowledge about the profile can create a bad impression of the recruiter to th candidate. It shows lack of interest in knowing the candidate. 

The best way to value the candidate’s time is to show them how well you already know about them. 

  1. Ask something out-of-the-box

Would you feel like answering the same question over & over again? The answer is no. 

Now what works with most recruiters is asking behavioral questions. Asking such questions provide a more in-depth idea about the candidates. 

Ask about their biggest challenges, strengths & weaknesses. Through conversations, you’ll be able to know a lot about the candidate. Elicit about their power of communication, convincing skills, and a lot more!

Ask questions like—

  • What has been your biggest accomplishment?
  • Describe yourself in one word?
  • Was there any time when you disagreed with your manager, what did you do?
  • What do you dislike about your current role?

  1. Keeping a neutral outlook 

There’s something called the ‘unconscious bias’ which means that hiring managers end up hiring people that they think are more like them! 

You may not realize this as a recruiter, but more than often, you prefer to interview who are more like you or align with your individual preference. 

Such a scenario gives arise to a situation where recruiters may lose out on talented candidates—just because they didn’t like them somehow.

When this happens, companies can miss out on hiring the right candidates for the role. Unconscious bias, no wonder clouds the judgement of the hiring managers. 

  1. Be open to remote work

The pandemic had initially made recruiters and overall workforce uncomfortable. It took time for the entire community to adapt to the new way of working. 

Cut to the time when remote work is common—recruiters & hiring managers have overcome the challenges. That’s why, ensuring that your business is equipped to handle remote work option is a priority now. 

While remote work ensues more understanding and coordination with the employees, extra effort needs to be taken to ensure that there’s less or no distractions at home. 


Hiring managers or recruiters can make mistakes while looking for candidates. This in turn can impact in hiring suitable candidates for their business. These few tips can be a saviour in avoiding mishaps—channelizing your talent as a recruiter to hire the best talents in the industry! 

Steer clear of anything that comes in your way of approaching, interviewing, and onboarding the ideal candidates. Happy Hiring!! 


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