Best Outbound Recruiting Tools for Recruiters

Best Outbound Recruiting Tools for Recruiters


Raina Kushary

July 2, 2024

Organizations spend a fortune in posting job openings to expensive sites, campaigning with paid ads, activating their employer brands and whatnot for inbound recruiting. Hiring teams invest a majority of their time filtering and screening candidates. All of this to find out that only a few candidates qualify their requirements and hiring for each role is going to take them weeks - if not months of time.

The traditional strategy of waiting for good applications isn’t just costing you time - it’s keeping you away from top talent and halting your growth. Hiring cannot stop, you need to have a way through and it’s outbound recruiting. You might be wondering, “Isn’t reaching out to candidates even slower than getting applications?”. Well, outbound recruiting software helps you here as a recruiter. Want to know how? Stick around for a detailed discussion.

On average, each vacancy costs $500 a day to organizations. 73% of the overall candidates are passive job seekers and hence do not apply for jobs. These two statistics show the tough reality modern recruiters are dealing with amidst the competitive landscape. Gone are the days when sourcing candidates was simple and recruitment was mainly focused on screening and interviewing.

In this blog, we will find out why reaching out to candidates has become the new normal and how outbound recruiting software enable you to scale your hiring campaigns.

Why is Outbound Recruiting Now More Crucial than Ever?

Growing companies have numerous roles to fill at any given time. When you need to hire as soon as possible, which is usually the case – you cannot wait for people to get attracted to your job posts. So you will need to proactively identify, reach out and engage with talented candidates to fill your positions.

Especially for early-stage organizations or while hiring for non-core roles, outbound recruiting is the optimal approach for recruiters. Moreover, this strategy solves numerous challenges faced by recruiters like unqualified candidates, screening of hundreds of CVs and candidates dropping off during the hiring process. 

So it’s the era of outbound recruiting where recruiters possess the opportunity to take over the hiring cycle completely. Hunting top talent is a continuous battle among organizations now. The incredible control over recruitment strategy and execution is not a ‘nice to have’ anymore, it has become a necessity.

Top Benefits of Outbound Recruitment

We had a top-level view of why outbound recruitment is the need of the hour. It’s now time to analyze the most effective benefits of this strategy.

  1. Saves Time 

The most critical resource for recruiters is the time they majorly spend filtering, screening and interviewing candidates. With the inbound approach, it takes about 100 person-hours to hire someone. Keeping aside the recruitment teams' productivity, even the organizations can’t afford to spend much time filling their positions. Outbound recruiting cuts the length of the hiring cycle by half as you don’t need to filter from hundreds of candidates.

  1. Streamlines Hiring Journey

Outbound recruiting ensures you skip the first half of the talent acquisition funnel - awareness, consideration and interest. You qualify candidates before reaching out to them so that they directly land up to the application phase which is followed by hiring. Hence, the recruitment cycle is streamlined, recruiters don’t have to face much hassle and have more control over the hiring process. Outbound recruiting enables you to generate expected results rather than riding on a number of secondary factors.

  1. Helps You Hire Better Talent

A LinkedIn report revealed that 1 in 72 sourced candidates are hired against 1 in 152 applicants (inbound). It is evident that candidates who are actively sourced by an outbound approach are twice as better as candidates who apply for a job posting. Outbound recruiting gives you immense flexibility to choose who you want to interview and hire. You can also try passive candidate sourcing as they are 120% more likely to make a substantial impact on your organization. 

  1. Cuts Down Hiring Costs

The average cost per hire in the U.S. is over $4000. Isn’t it much more than what you had expected? Well, hiring journeys are immensely long and we often don’t realise the costs including the invested human capital. Outbound sourcing gives you a powerful advantage by identifying qualified candidates and then reaching out. The recruitment costs are cut down due to less time taken to hire candidates and by avoiding expensive job posting sites. 

Outbound Recruiting Tools: Why Do You Need One and How to Choose?

While outbound recruiting has numerous positives, the efforts required are directly proportional to the scale of hiring. That further makes the outbound approach a bit tricky - what if you were hiring for tens of roles at once? Manual outbound recruiting is tedious and you don’t need to do it all by yourself anyway. 

Outbound recruiting software enables you to scale your hiring seamlessly with automation. The core idea of having an assistive tool for recruitment is simple – delegate the repeated chores to automation and focus heavily on assessing quality candidates. 

An ideal outbound recruitment software also takes care of the quality and cost of hiring. How to find out if a tool is a great fit for you? 

Let’s discuss the functionalities you should priorly look out for in an outbound recruitment software.

Top Features of Outbound Recruiting Software

#1 Integration With Your Existing Technology Stack

Most recruitment teams use multiple systems and solutions for their hiring process like an applicant tracking system (ATS) for database handling. An outbound recruiting software should first enable simple integration of existing ATS so that you don’t keep jumping from one platform to another. 

Nurturebox offers you a hassle-free approach to automating candidate database management through ATS integration. With all top-of-the-funnel chores being taken care of, you don’t need to manually update and maintain the recruitment pipeline. Just focus on getting the best candidates and optimize your recruitment.

#2 Effortless Recruiting Campaign Execution

Recruitment is like sales. You need to plan and progress step by step for yielding quality results. The outbound recruiting software that you opt for must allow the planning and execution of targeted campaigns with a single-window dashboard for the status of your pipeline.

Nurturebox enables recruitment teams to create campaigns, add prospects from platforms like LinkedIn and control the further hiring process through a single window. From extracting contact details to executing engagement sequences 

#3 Automated Outreach and Candidate Engagement

When it comes to searching, identifying, reaching out and consistently engaging with candidates – it adds up a pile of admin work that harms your productivity as a recruiter. In order to scale your hiring, an outbound recruiting software needs to automate candidate outreach and engagement. Not only does it help in reaching out to hundreds of prospects and building relationships, but also ensures organized hiring without much manual intervention.

If you’re already worried about personalizing your messaging for prospects, as outbound recruitment is like sales Afterall – fret not. Nurturebox makes sure you scale your outreach and engagement without compromising on the personal touch. 

#4 Multichannel Approach

Reaching out to candidates and engaging them via a single channel is an uncertain approach to outbound recruiting. Your tool should allow executing multi-channel outreach.

NurtureBox offers LinkedIn, Email and Whatsapp integrations to maximize your outreach and engagement results. It adds up to the convenience for your candidates as they can use their preferred channel of communication.

#5 Performance Insights and Analysis

An ideal outbound recruiting software gives you data-backed insights so that you can make strong decisions and further optimize your hiring campaigns.

NurtureBox offers engagement metrics to target the interested candidates who respond to your outreach. To know which candidates are actively engaging back and what type of outreach is working the best for you – performance insights play a crucial role.


Outbound recruiting is the need of the hour given the intense competition for acquiring top talent. Modern enterprises can’t afford too much patience as they need to scale fast. The comprehensive control over recruitment outcomes that the outbound approach offers evidently stands out. Outbound recruiting software further makes it seamless for recruiters to scale recruitment campaigns so that they can hire quality talent quickly and efficiently.

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