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The most important tips to remember when sourcing candidates

July 13, 2022

In the ever-changing and competitive landscape of the talent market, what’s most important is—sourcing candidates. For recruiters, developing the valuable skill of recruiting is essential in hiring the best talents in the industry. 

If you’re wondering why recruiters need to buckle up their skills—we can tell you why. Most of the experienced & talented candidates don’t apply for jobs now. It’s more like you & your team need to find them! Approach them and hire them for the roles you’re looking for.

For making the search successful, we have put together the best practices in sourcing candidates. Implementing these practices can help you identify candidates and make you excel at sourcing candidates.

Understand the difference between recruiting and and sourcing candidates

Straighten out the high performing sourcing team by clearly defining their responsibilities from the beginning. Clarify the tasks each performer need to perform—what tasks sources manage.

Sourcers find and qualify new candidates on the basis of their job role. On the other hand, recruiters handle the entire process from when a candidate is considered qualified till they’re hired. 

Steer clear of any confusion that may arise in delegating responsibilities among the teams. 

Do your sourcers focus entirely on finding candidates who aren’t applying jobs on their own? 

What happens when you’ve found the candidates—do the recruiters on your team send the initial outreach?

If you have all these things sorted out, then you’re on the right track! However, if you haven’t figured out the sourcing and recruiting differences, you may want to look at it once again.

Have a full-proof strategy to source candidates

Why we stress on the importance of preparing with a strategy in hand before going ahead in hiring candidates is that you don’t keep any room for doubts. 

While sourcing candidates, you won’t know who to look for—wandering in the dark would mean waste of resources. 

It’s better to have a great strategy in place—

Research about job requirements- You must understand the requirements of the job role. Have a quick discussion with the hiring manager about the details of the role. 

Create a candidate persona- Tick the checkboxes for all the skills and traits you’re looking for in the perfect candidate. Look for template-based persona guide creation that helps in refining your search.

Search your database

Look into your database that has all the relevant information about the candidates. The ATS you have in place can reveal a lot of information about the ideal candidate you’re looking to hire! Find more people quickly!

ATS or CRM sometimes have information about candidates who once showed interest in your company. It’s time to find out these candidates and engage them in your recruitment process. Source candidates successfully from the database, without a thought!

Maintain candidate profile quality

Generally speaking, the first few candidates you find can at first look like they are the best but will they be the ideal ones for the role?

Sourcers have the responsibility of maintaining the quality of candidates while they’re joining the new company. They’re the ones to take responsibility of who’s getting hired & how well they are for the company!

Get the right technologies in place

We can’t tell you enough how important it is to take the technology game seriously. Get to know about all the latest tools and technologies—to make the work of sourcers easier! With the right technologies in place, sourcers would be able to hire the right people.

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