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What is recruitment marketing & how it’s changing the HR landscape?

July 13, 2022

Gone are the days when talented candidates had to beat their heads to get an interview with recruiters. Now, the industry has become more of an open-to-all space where recruiters essentially look to hire the best candidates. 

Recruiters are more responsive now than ever. If candidates reach out to the HRs with any queries, they seem to get a quick reply. All this has happened for good and made the hiring process much easier. 

Hiring process begins with the identification of needs. As a company, what you need to understand is which position you need to fill in—what the role would bring to the company—and how the role is going to fit with other roles. 

What many of you may not know yet is the trick to engage with candidates even before they start applying for the roles. We all know about the gig of nurturing candidates once they are in the  process. 

In all this, you have to ensure that the candidates don’t ghost you out just before the day of their joining! For recruiters, nothing can be worse than that. To ensure you don’t face that situation, know your candidates beforehand. 

This is what we call—Recruitment Marketing!

Recruitment marketing comes in as a concept that means finding, attracting, engaging, and nurturing talents before they even apply for jobs. The main task of recruitment marketing is to use the employer brand & smart marketing tactics to impress candidates. 

The idea is not new to the recruitment industry—it has been a driving strategy for all recruiters. The way the value proposition of a company is communicated now has grown immensely over the few years now. Recruiters and hiring managers take it more seriously. 

The idea of recruitment marketing is no more a strategy—it has evolved into a full-grown career opportunity. 

Where do the best recruiter marketers emerge from—recruitment or marketing?

Probably, it’s hard to answer this question. Many TA and CHROs may carry less knowledge of branding strategies and aren’t equipped enough to fill in the void of talent acquisition. But, more and more candidates are coming in the field to discover a new career path for themselves!

Understand the requirement

The very essence of recruitment marketing is understanding the “why” behind hiring a person for a role at your organization. It needs effort to identify the elements in a candidate that fits right with the organization. Obviously, we understand that it is a huge task to find the right candidate that matches the criteria you have set forth for the role. 

Use of analytics to optimize results in recruitment

Analytics is helping the recruitment industry in multiple ways. One of this is in optimizing the hiring results. How? It starts with assessing the success of marketing campaigns—cost-per-click metrics, etc. Also, figuring out the budget spent on advertising job opportunities. 

What analytics assesses further is the reach, engagement, and reputation of the marketing that takes place. Rceruitment marketing tools are available in the market now that help in the process of assessing how a strategy did—and what changes need to be made in order to make the hiring successful. 

Understanding what appeals to candidates more now is important to know. Whether “we’re hiring” content is doing well or is it already too saturated to initiate engagement. You need to know what’s doing best to strike it with candidates. People stories are doing extremely well & showing 200% engagement at the moment!

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