Why should you hire differently in 2022?

Why should you hire differently in 2022?


Raina Kushary

July 13, 2022

For about two years now, we’ve seen a lot of ups & downs in the hiring industry. From job opportunities disappearing at the peak of a pandemic to a market with more jobs at the end of the pandemic. But, what has stood out so much is the art of hiring candidates. With the great resignation looming in, candidates are on the more advantageous side—which means companies have to be extra careful while they’re hiring candidates. 

With this thought in mind, there arises a lot of theories that affect the hiring process. 

Take a look at this tweet. It says a lot about how recruiters can give fresh thought to the entire hiring game. 

What’s commonly seen in interviews is that there are at least a dozen of candidates who are shortlisted to be interviewed. The new-age recruitment thinks it’s better to filter out candidates beforehand—better to interview only a handful of people.

Direct all your resources & efforts into an interview process that’s solely intended to hire that candidate. 

You may ask, why is it so important to focus more on the interview process? Well, what we want to say is that candidates are spoilt for choice. In a time when job opportunities have multiplied, talented candidates are willing to shift quickly to those companies that take care of them right from the interview process. 

Actually, we can jot down a few points where candidates might flee after the initial interview—

As a hiring manager, you need to find out the reason why your candidates are flying away after the initial interview. 

Recruiters don’t want to let go of the candidates that are best suited for their job roles. It’s simple—talented candidates are hard to catch! The aim of every interview is to retain a potential candidate from slipping away. 

Candidates won’t waste their time on an opportunity that they don’t find interesting or appealing. 

  • Make the interview less interrogative 

Talking from personal experience, interviewers that ask too many questions can scare away a lot of good candidates. Know the difference between asking relevant questions and interrogating them. 

  • Avoid being too personal

The new-age hiring processes include teams to know the candidate better & letting know of the company culture. However, you mustn’t confuse this process with asking too personal questions to the candidate.

  • Respect each other’s schedule

Hiring managers are busy & probably have tons of meetings to attend every day. But, don’t keep your candidates hanging for responses. 

  • Be organized with candidates

Before any interview with candidates, make sure you’ve researched about them. Well, if not research, then you at least know who you’re interviewing. 


Hiring talents can be tough at the moment. That’s why you need to be careful about how you want to plan your hiring process. Hire the best talents from around the industry for your roles. 

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