— Our Mission —

We are on a mission to empower every recruiter to be as effective as the best recruiter in the world.

The NurtureBox story

Long before co-founders & started NurtureBox, they were trying to hire the best software talent for delivering high-end software projects to different customers at Ideas2IT. However, there was one obstacle that they had to overcome to achieve that goal. While they worked on marquee projects, they didn’t have an adequate brand presence to attract talent. Recruitment was their major blocker for business growth, not sales. As a result, they relied on passive hiring to fulfill their needs.  But, that took them only so far, because getting a continuous stream of top-quality passive talent isn’t easy.

They realized that they needed to be innovative in their approach and not limit themselves to hiring only from traditional channels. They realized the importance of building meaningful relationships with candidates. They trained their recruiters to work as a sales org. Over the years, this approach enabled them to hire several top engineers who continue to stay with Ideas2IT and delight their customers.

They recognized that talent teams deserved a more “salesy” toolchain than the disconnected and isolated tools they currently had. That recognition was where NurtureBox was born.