Top 11 HR communities you need to check out today [2024 List]

Top 11 HR communities you need to check out today [2024 List]


Raj Abishek

July 2, 2024

Forecasting hiring needs, curating strategies, optimizing the hiring process, screening, interviewing, networking, background checking, and so on…

Recruiters take over all the responsibilities and tasks related to maintaining a healthy working environment and ensuring the right talent at the right time for the firm. While they aim to improve other people’s career journeys, they might neglect their career growth. Hence, having a group of people/ mentors, basically, a community, can help them climb the career ladder easily. 

Online communities are a real treasure for learning and grow in one’s career. They provide curated valuable resources and opportunities, along with exclusive benefits, HR trend updates, and industry developments. HR professionals can meet like-minded people and network at offline or online events. Overall, an HR community can offer value to its members if chosen wisely. Yes, there are a lot of HR communities that are inactive, invaluable, and help in no way. 

In today’s blog, we will share 11 HR communities to help you advance your career. These are available on different social media platforms, which will help you network via desired channels. 

11 Best HR Communities For Recruiters To Enhance Career Growth

HR trends have changed the way HR professionals engage and hire candidates. Passive recruitment, remote work, use of AI tools, and much more compelled the recruiters to keep themselves updated. They must network and keep upskilling to accommodate these recruiting trends. Here are 11 communities that help with networking and updating to approach dynamic talent markets proactively.


10xRecruiter is an HR community to make recruitment enjoyable! 


It is a weekly newsletter with no fluff and actionable insights to get curated exclusive resources delivered to your inbox. You get access to top recruiter tips, techniques, tools, hacks, etc. You can see some of the best HR case studies to incorporate best practices into your recruitment process. 

10xRecruiter accelerates your recruitment career with valuable insights that are hard to find on the internet. It’s a short weekly email with useful information to stay updated with the industry and learn practical tips to implement for career advancement. 

We at Nurturebox aim to build a strong community of HR professionals who grow together and experience career growth like never before. Nurturebox is a talent engagement platform that helps HR teams to hire effortlessly. We integrate your entire tech stack to get away with admin tasks and focus on valuable functions. Moreover, with our addition of a weekly newsletter, we wish to provide real value and help you advance your career. 

Society for HRM (SHRM)

SHRM has been working for over 75 years to support HR professionals!

SHRM is a forum-based paid community for HR professionals, students, executives, and enterprises. The membership starts at $49/ year and goes up to $244/ year or more based on your subscription. It has over 300+k members interacting via post polls and crowdsourced answers. With over 600+ local connections, HR professionals can find like-minded people for networking.

SHRM provides tools, guides, templates, and expert advice to support career development. HR professionals get access to the latest news, compliance updates (state and federal compliance), customizable toolkits, and networking opportunities with HR experts. Additionally, it offers various certifications, competency-based credentials, and education. It has multiple e-learning products and webcasts along HR’s areas of interest like compensation, benefits, retirement, etc. 

The People People Group 

The people group is a community of 3000+ HR professionals to enhance employee and candidate experience!

The community is a slack group for recruiters, operation professionals, and HR professionals to support each other and offer best HR practices for HRs. It provides a networking platform with learning opportunities through virtual events and workshops. This enables HR professionals to network, hire, and grow the community consistently. Additionally, they have a dedicated podcast and newsletter for all the members.

LinkedIn: HR 

The biggest LinkedIn HR community for HR professionals (now restricted to senior HR professionals)!

This community is LinkedIn’s HR’s biggest community, with over 1.25 million members. Currently, it accepts only senior HR professionals due to LinkedIn's limited number of members. It is a forum and doubles as a job board to network, engage, and hire top talents. However, Members do need approval from the admin to post. The community hosts online and offline events and has various e-learning resources.

If you wish to join a LinkedIn community and can not get access to this one, there are alternative communities such as  HRSherpas and HR.com. They provide valuable resources and host events for the members. 

LinkedIn: Human resource (HR) Professionals 

Human resource (HR) professionals is another LinkedIn community with over 450k+ members!

This caters to wide interest areas of HR professionals, such as talent acquisition, employee development, compensation and benefits, DEI, compliance, and more. They provide a forum and a dedicated newsletter to share resources. The community aims to solve queries and impart knowledge and restricts advertisements of any kind. It’s a global community providing HR professionals space to network and grow with other HR professionals. 

Resources for Humans 

Resource for Humans is a slack community of 18k+ HR professionals! 


The community promotes networking and asking questions to share insights, provide mentorship, and curate strategies. It has an application form-based entry for members. One starts by setting up a Slack account (ensure profile picture) and engaging in the forum. It is a dedicated community for People Ops professionals. Members can meet like-minded people and get access to a job board and RfH magazine. 

Cite HR

CiteHR is a forum for senior and fellow HR managers!

CiteHR is a community forum to cater to HR professionals from all company sizes, from small to enterprises. It is a live chat-based system with regular discussions on remote working, employee training, etc. Members can participate in HRM-related conversations. They can clarify queries, take inspiration, share ideas, and much more. They get access to all the latest updates and industry developments. They can curate strategies and talk about industry practices. It is the best community forum to get a hands-on curated list of events and discussions happening in the HR industry. 


The WorldatWork community aims at HR e-learning resources and providing robust solutions!

The community aims at professional development by discussing HR trends, valuable resources, trading best practices, etc. The members can ask questions and actively network with like-minded people. They have multiple certifications with high-impact practical knowledge. They offer HR professionals access to dedicated tools and data. With over 300k+ members, they have been helping HR professionals for over 65 years.

Human Capital Institute

The human capital institute is a Facebook community for HR professionals to discuss strategies and achieve results. 

It provides HR professionals with curated content and beneficial resources to keep them updated with trends. They host various events and have industries’ top keynote speakers. The members get access to various e-learning resources and a content library, which is updated regularly. It is a comparatively smaller community with fewer than 15k people but offers helpful resources.

Reddit: Human Resources or Ask Human resources

Human resources and ask human resources are two dedicated channels on Reddit for HR professionals! 


These channels allow HR professionals across the globe to network and share insights. They can discuss any HR-related topic keeping in mind not to violate any community standards. 

What’s the difference between these two channels?

Human resources are catered to discuss all HR topics. Contrarily, askHR provides a safe space for HR professionals to ask questions. These questions have an up-vote-based answering system. This implies that people can answer and join the conversation while others in the community will push the best answer (with maximum votes) to the top. This helps to get the most relevant answers. 


CultureBrained is a community for culture leaders in HR industries!

The community provides a live chat forum to discuss queries and areas of interest. It helps in networking, mentoring, and facilitating better decision-making. They aim to make the work culture enjoyable and amiable. They offer resources, tools, and guides to create a healthy work culture. There are various events and guest talks to bring tremendous masterclasses, workshops, and live discussions. It has an application-based joining with access to weekly huddles and global networking experience.  

Networking and Growing Your Career- 10xRecruiters

 There are a lot more communities in addition to the ones mentioned above. You can find these on Facebook, Slack, Reddit, or in a newsletter format. They provide a platform to network, ask questions, get mentors, and take a leap forward in your career. Additionally, there are communities specific to HR professionals, such as the talent acquisition team, HRBP, compensation team, etc. You can find a community to discuss topics that interest you and grow your network. 

Are you looking for a community to learn and get your hands on the best exclusive HR resources?

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