Unconventional Ninja Hacks for Recruiting Success

Unconventional Ninja Hacks for Recruiting Success


Raj Abishek

September 14, 2023

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Recruiting has evolved into a high-stakes game, with top talent in high demand. In this fiercely competitive landscape, traditional recruitment methods often fall short. That's where unconventional ninja hacks come into play, offering a fresh perspective and innovative approaches to achieve recruiting success.

In this article, we'll delve into a treasure trove of unconventional recruiting hacks that will help you tap into the best talent, whether you're a seasoned recruiter or an HR enthusiast looking to up your game. Get ready to harness the power of GitHub, email magic, PeopleGPT, Boomerang for Email, and LinkedIn content to secure the finest candidates.

Chapter 1: Snagging Tech Candidates' Email from Their GitHub Profile

GitHub, the epicenter of the coding universe, is where tech wizards showcase their coding prowess and collaborate on projects that shape the digital world. But it's not just a platform for sharing code; it's a goldmine for recruiters looking to connect with top tech talent.

Step 0: Scout Out the GitHub Gold

Before you can reveal hidden email addresses, you'll need to locate the GitHub profiles of your desired candidates. GitHub offers an advanced search feature that lets you hone in on profiles based on location, name, followers, and more. Imagine you're on the hunt for the elusive email of Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js. GitHub's advanced search is your trusty map.

Step 1: Seek Out the Golden Repos

Once you've identified a potential candidate's GitHub profile, look for non-forked repositories. Forked repositories are essentially copies of someone else's work, and they won't lead you to the treasure you seek: the candidate's email.

Step 2: Spot the Ninja Commits

Within the chosen repository, click on the "commits" link. More commits mean a higher likelihood of striking gold. In our hypothetical quest for Ryan Dahl's email, spotting 151 commits would be like discovering the "X" that marks the spot on a treasure map.

Step 3: Crack the Code with ".patch"

Now, here's where the magic happens. Add ".patch" to the end of the URL and hit "enter." Voilà! You've uncovered the candidate's email address. It's a simple yet powerful trick that can unveil the most closely guarded emails.

But be vigilant; some users may have privacy settings that cloak their email addresses. If you come across an email that reads like "username@users.noreply.github.com," it's a dead end.

If manual detective work isn't your style, fear not. NurtureBox has your back, with AI-driven sourcing capabilities that extend beyond GitHub to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. It's like having a sourcing sidekick that works tirelessly on your behalf.

In the world of recruiting, GitHub isn't just a platform; it's a treasure trove waiting to be conquered. Add this ninja hack to your arsenal, and you'll be unearthing email gems like a pro.

Chapter 2: Leveraging PeopleGPT's Chat Magic To Fetch LinkedIn's Finest

PeopleGPT, a rising star in the world of recruiting, has harnessed the magic of ChatGPT to transform the way we source LinkedIn profiles. Forget hours of manual browsing; now you can describe the candidates you're seeking in plain language, and PeopleGPT will do the rest.

Imagine you need Node.js engineers with experience at top SaaS companies like Stripe and Dropbox, leading teams of 3+ to build backend platforms, all located in the United States. PeopleGPT understands your requirements and delivers profiles that match your criteria with precision.

It's like having a search engine that speaks the language of recruiting, purpose-built to find your ideal candidates.

Under the free plan, PeopleGPT generously offers a hundred profiles for your perusal. But there's a catch: no exporting profiles. But fear not, for there's a clever workaround.

The secret sauce is a tool called "Web Scraper," available as a plugin in the Google Chrome store. This versatile tool is your Swiss Army knife for data scraping—a must-have for any recruiter worth their salt.

After installing the "Web Scraper" plugin, check out a video tutorial that guides you through using it to scrape data effectively. Once you've mapped out your selector graph, you'll be able to collect platform details in a flash.

With PeopleGPT and the "Web Scraper" plugin in your arsenal, you're ready to elevate your sourcing game in 2023, all while in autopilot mode.

Chapter 3: Turbocharge Your Communication with Templates and Quickfire Shortcuts

In the fast-paced world of recruiting, effective communication is key, but it can also be time-consuming. Enter Briskine, a turbocharged tool that's a superhero sidekick for recruiters seeking to supercharge their productivity.

Imagine creating templates for your frequently used text and sending them with lightning-fast keyboard shortcuts. Briskine takes this concept to the next level.

This tool seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, making it an all-in-one solution for streamlined communication.

But the real magic lies in the keyboard shortcuts, or "snippets," as they're called. Picture typing "connect" and then hitting the trusty "TAB" key. In an instant, your default connection request template to candidates appears on the screen, as if summoned by a digital genie.

Briskine doesn't restrict you to predefined templates; you can create your own magic by saving repetitive text bits and turning them into templates. Your shortcuts become spells that weave enchantment, placing your templates exactly where you need them in a flash.

This tool isn't just another widget; it's your golden ticket to making candidate messaging a breeze across multiple channels. With Briskine, you'll be messaging candidates like a pro, with efficiency and precision.

Chapter 4: Predict Responsiveness with Boomerang for Gmail

Email communication is a cornerstone of recruiting, and Boomerang for Gmail has taken it to the next level with Respondable—an AI-powered email assistant built as a Chrome plugin.

Boomerang for Gmail Pricing Plans & Cost 2023 | G2

Respondable provides real-time, actionable advice as you craft emails, ensuring your messages hit the mark. It analyzes millions of messages to optimize your communication strategy, offering insights into what influences candidate response rates.

With Respondable, you can:

  • Unlock actionable advice in real time while composing emails.
  • Master the art of striking the ideal tone: polite, positive, and subjective.
  • Experience algorithmic predictions on response likelihood, all explained with simplicity.

As you type, Respondable guides you with suggestions, ensuring your emails resonate with candidates. It's like having a personal email coach that helps you craft compelling and effective messages.

Real-time predictions on response likelihood provide instant feedback on the effectiveness of your email, helping you make data-driven decisions in real time.

Whether you're emailing your boss, seeking crucial information, or reaching out to potential hires, Respondable ensures your emails strike the right chords.

Elevate your email prowess, revolutionize your candidate outreach, and unleash the power of AI to make each candidate interaction count.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

In the dynamic world of recruiting, innovation and creativity are the keys to success. These unconventional ninja hacks have the potential to revolutionize your recruitment efforts, from uncovering hidden email addresses on GitHub to leveraging AI-powered sourcing with PeopleGPT and streamlining communication with Briskine. And, of course, predicting responsiveness with Boomerang for Gmail's Respondable.

By incorporating these ninja-inspired strategies into your recruitment toolkit, you gain a significant advantage in identifying, engaging, and securing top talent. These hacks are more than tricks; they are powerful tools that can give you an edge in a competitive market.

As you embark on your journey to recruit the best candidates, remember that the recruiting landscape is ever-changing. Embrace innovation, stay adaptable, and always be open to new and unconventional approaches.

The future of recruiting is here, and it's ninja-inspired. So, equip yourself with these ninja hacks, and may your recruiting efforts be fruitful and efficient. Before you go, consider sharing these ninja hacks with your fellow recruiters. Together, we can elevate the recruiting game for everyone. Remember, in the world of recruiting, magic beans do exist, and these ninja hacks are your key to unlocking their power. Happy recruiting!

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