Master playbook: Game-changing recruitment cold email & follow-ups

✅ Killer subject lines(30+ examples)
✅ Top 15 email templates, tailored for any situation
✅ Advanced follow-up strategies to rekindle the spark with potential stars


Why do you need this ebook?

This book is absolutely stacked with email templates, killer subject lines, and follow-up messages. Whether you're in-house or repping an agency, trust me, there's a boatload of examples to cover every situation!

✨ Actionable strategies to implement

We've got some premium Outbound Recruiting wisdom coming at you straight from the pros who know their stuff.

🎯 Game-changing templates

This a treasure chest of ready-to-rock templates for both those inbox-dominating emails and those slick LinkedIn Inmails.

🚀 Attract and snag the right talent

This isn't just some run-of-the-mill guide; it's your golden ticket to becoming a bona fide Outbound Recruiting sensation. With this arsenal of know-how, you'll be scooping up top talent at a mind-blowing 2X faster pace.

Inside the book

💥 Best performing subject lines:
We're kicking things off with the best subject lines. Most of these bad boys are practically guarantees for open rates soaring beyond 85-90%, and we've got a mix of templates that'll suit in-house recruiters and agency rockstars.

🔧 Best recruitment cold email that we've seen: 15 email templates for pretty much any situation you can dream of. We've scoured through a mountain of over 50+ online articles and even dived into 3-4 books to cook up this gem. This treasure chest is loaded with examples for every situation and scenario.
In the book we're spilling the beans on crafting epic cold emails with follow-ups.

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A salesy toolchain for recruiters to create interest in passive candidates to apply

Who's behind the book?

Hey fellow recruiters — after firing off a whopping 10,000+ cold emails to potential candidates, I've cracked the code on what separates the champs from the chumps in outreach.

One masterful follow-up sequence is all it takes to turn a silent candidate into a new team member.

But hey, one wrong move and you've lost their attention quicker than a snap!

That's why I've put together my playbook, where I'm spilling all my secrets on crafting epic cold emails with follow-ups.

I promise you this — it's not your typical advice. It's magic beans.
My signature is zero fluff, only actionable advice. When you finish you'll leave with actionable tips and techniques that bring real results.

See you down the road,
Raj Abishek, Co-Founder at NurtureBox