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10 Email Templates For Sourcing Candidates To Talent Pipeline Effectively; Engage and Hire Top Talent With These 10 Email Templates for Sourcing

January 19, 2023

10 Cold Email Templates For Sourcing Candidates To Attract and Hire Top Talent

Recruiters consistently make an effort to reduce the time spent crafting the right message for cold emails while sourcing candidates. They must keep the deliverability, open rates, click rates, and other crucial analytics under check. 
Recruiters want cold emails to be personalized, specific, credible, and, most importantly, to land in people’s primary email boxes, not spam! It should include relevant details about the company, job role, growth opportunity, and how they can reach out.
However, creating a perfect message to suit the needs of every candidate can take time, especially if you plan to reach out in bulk. If not done right, bulk outreach can hamper the company's reputation and the recruiter’s relationship with the job seekers. They might perceive the company as invasive and create distorted perceptions of company values and culture.

So, what is the solution? 

In this blog, I will talk about passive sourcing, a faster way to fill job roles in your business by cutting through competition and building healthy relations with job seekers. Thereafter, we will look at some recruiter email templates for candidates and an easy one-stop solution to assist you in reaching out to potential top talents.

What is passive sourcing?

Passive sourcing refers to looking for candidates actively rather than using job boards and waiting for applicants to fill the role. It involves attracting, sourcing, engaging, and hiring potential candidates proactively. 

With passive sourcing, companies reach out to ‘employed’ candidates and offer them better career opportunities to fill an open position. Recruiters build relationships with potential candidates to build a talent pipeline. They aim to nurture these candidates until a job opening arises. Even 82% of job seekers admitted to switching to a new job when offered the right opportunity. 

But how do recruiters find employed candidates willing to make a switch? 

How to Find Passive Candidates? 

There are four major sources to find passive job seekers: referrals, social media, cold emailing, and past applications. However, passive sourcing begins with establishing a strong employer brand, helping recruiters to enhance engagement and attract top talent. They nurture the relationship over time by communicating with the candidates and engaging with valuable information. 

Passive seekers opt for companies with better growth opportunities and prioritize company culture and values. So, it becomes crucial to set forth company values, job roles, and growth aspects after successfully outlining the job requirements. 

Recruiters must efficiently map out the requirements and strategically converse with each candidate to build relationships. This converts the big talent pool to a pre-vetted talent pipeline that saves time and money on finding the right candidate. 

  1. Referrals 

Referrals can be the primary source of passive sourcing. Recruiters can look through their professional network to find suitable candidates. Moreover, employees at the firm can also recommend people based on the job role and requirements. 

Referrals are much more efficient due to higher chances of hiring and enhanced commitment. Overall, recruiters experience greater ROI as they can hire quickly without going through hundreds of applications.  

  1. Past Applications

Another way to look for candidates to fill open roles is by referring to past applications. These are the people which recruiters have already interviewed and assessed. 

This saves time for recruiters as they need not undergo the entire vetting procedure again. They already have a rapport with the candidates and can pick up from where they left. 

  1. Social Media 

Social media is emerging as a new channel for reaching out to candidates. Recruiters can look at the profiles on LinkedIn or Twitter to find the right match. Thereafter, they can leverage a multi-channel approach to keep them engaged. 

Social media can help recruiters build a relationship slowly with consistent communication. Moreover, it is quick, cost-effective, and scalable. With the right automation tools, like Nurturebox, recruiters can integrate their ATS (application tracking system) with social media to enhance their hiring efforts. 

  1. Cold Email  

Cold is the most effective and scalable method to source and engages passive job seekers. Recruiters can look for suitable profiles through various job boards and social media and reach out via cold emails. 

They give scope for personalization while keeping the message specific and straightforward. Recruiters can easily gauge the candidates’ interest based on click and open rates. Again, recruiters can easily hire top talent using the right tools for scraping and messaging. 

The key to attracting and hiring a potential candidate is to leverage a multichannel approach. Recruiters should aim for 3 touchpoints to enhance engagement. 

They can start with cold email and create a robust pipeline by communicating through various social media channels. A company with a mix of all these sourcing methods and an active ATS system can easily target and hire top talent across the globe.

Why Are Cold Emails Crucial In Multichannel Sourcing? 

Cold emails mixed with social media can boost the number of touchpoints and enhance brand recall. The recruiters can effectively communicate the company culture and growth opportunities, leading to better relationships and candidate engagement. 

Cold emails allow personalizing while being non-invasive. If we compare cold emails to cold calling, recruiters can save time and cost while conveniently building brand rapport. They can send relevant messages to a specific target group leading to enhanced ROI. 

Since the message plays a crucial role, let us quickly look at 10 cold email templates to source candidates for passive sourcing.

10 Email Templates to Engage and Nurture Top Talent 

Here are a few cold email templates to help out recruiters. You can tweak these according to your needs and use them to source skilled candidates. 

Case 1: You found the candidate via referral

Subject: (Referee) recommended you for (Job Role)

Hi (Candidate Name), 

In a conversation with (Referee), s/he told us about your brilliance as (job role). We are the top marketing agency in the USA looking for (Job Role).

You will work with brands like Shopify, Netflix, Amazon, and many more. We plan to bring more (job role) with (specific skill requirements). 

Your work at (current company) is remarkable and some of your past work is impressive. Can we discuss your career goals to discover our collaboration opportunities? 

Looking forward to your reply!


Case 2: Outreach with detailed JD

Subject: Work at (Company Name) as (Job Role)

Hi (Name),

I am (designation) at (company’s name). Our company plans to expand and look for (Job Role) with (skill requirements). I came across your profile on LinkedIn. 

Your work at (current company) reflects the diversity and hands-on experience of current automation systems. Your 5 years of experience as (Job Role) working with multiple clients testify to the industry knowledge we are looking for at (company name).

You can check the detailed JD here. (Alternatively, a detailed JD can be mentioned in the message as well). 

Do you wish to discuss this job opening further? 

Let me know, and we can get on a quick call! 


Case 3: Short message to shortlist interested candidates 

Subject: Open to new challenges for 2023?

Hi (Name),

I am a headhunter at (company name) looking to connect with some (Job Role). I saw your profile on Twitter and got caught up in your idea about implementing a new filing system. (Alternatively, add a detail that catches your attention)

Are you willing to discuss job opportunities for our upcoming projects for 2023?

Looking forward to your reply! 


Case 4: Retargeting an old applicant

Subject: New openings for (Job Role)!

Hi (Name),

We discussed open roles at (company name) for (job role) a few months back. Since then, we have been able to serve 15 clients successfully and achieve our yearly goals in just 8 months. 

I checked your portfolio and am impressed by some of your recent works. Would you be interested in joining us to discover new job opportunities?

Let me know if you will be willing to discuss it further!


Case 5: Reaching out to a candidate based on past work 

Subject: Loved your designs for the Hirect campaign (Mention work of the candidate that you find impressive)

Hi (Name),

I was going through Hirect campaign designs and was intrigued to know about the person behind them. I got your contact information from your LinkedIn profile and saw some other projects. 

I am (Designation) at (Company Name). You can be of great value to our team with your design thinking and creative brand integration.

Will you be interested in discussing our collaboration opportunities? 



Case 6: Email from the founder 

Subject:  We are looking for (Job Role)

Hey (Name),

I am (Name), founder of (company name). I have heard much about you from my team and the results you created for (current/ past company). I thought you can be a useful asset to our team. Our company can help your career growth with much-required competitive pay and healthy co-working space. (Mention company USP)

You can check the job description and what our team members say about our company environment here. 

If you’re interested, we can get on a quick call to discuss the open job roles.




Case 7: Looking to fill the role for a specific project

Subject: Want to work for (Client Name)?

Hi (Name), 

I am (Designation) at (Company Name) looking for (Job Role). I came across your profile on LinkedIn. Your past work and contributions at (current company) are remarkable. 

We are starting a new project for (Client Name) and require (Job Role). Your portfolio seems to be a good fit for the project. 

Want to discuss the project further? 

Let me know, and we can get on a quick call!



Case 8: Nurture a candidate for future open roles 

Subject: Your recent LinkedIn post was amazing! (Find a relevant detail to discuss; could be a mutual hobby or a recent post/ achievement)

Hey (Name),

Your recent LinkedIn post about NFTs and the insights you shared was remarkable. Your profile reflected you have been working on this for quite a few years.

Will you be interested in working on an NFT-related project?

I am (Designation) at (Company Name). We are looking for (Job Role) with experience in (Job Requirement). Your profile seems a good fit!

I would appreciate taking this over on a call. Interested?



Case 9: Sharing minimum details

Subject: Can you (Job requirement; example: Code/ Write Blogs)?

Hey (Name),

Your LinkedIn profile showcases exceptional projects with impressive work at (Current Company). I hope to connect with some (Job Role) for exciting upcoming projects. 

Want to explore this opportunity? 



Case 10: Highlighting the benefits to attract a candidate 

Subject: Get a 23% salary hike and work with top brands

Hey (Name),

I am (Designation) at (Company), and came across your work on LinkedIn. Our company plans to onboard (Job Role) for the coming quarter as we are scaling our operations globally. 

We are looking for a (Job Role) who can (Skill Requirements). You can check the detailed JD here. 

Your profile is a good fit for our company. We would love to have you on our team. 

You can work with top FinTech brands such as Amex, Stripe, SoFi, etc. We can discuss the salary and perks if you are interested and are willing to offer a 23% hike. 

Can we get on a quick call to discuss more? 



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